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NSW Red light/speed camera at James St/City West Link

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by FatBoy_T, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. Westbound, it's the intersection after Norton St. Does anybody else find that this camera is really snap happy when it comes to motorcycles? I reckon about 1/4 of the time I ride past it (doing nothing wrong) it flashes at me. Doesn't seem to matter which lane I'm in.

    I haven't seen any infringement notices, so I guess if the camera thinks I'm doing something wrong it must be being corrected by some secondary means of verification. I don't recall it ever happening when I've driven past in a car.

    Does this happen to anybody else or does the camera think I'm hot?

    I quizzed a colleague who used to work for redflex and he was at a loss to explain it.

    I've only ever had it happen one other time at one other intersection. But it's starting to get funny to watch all the other vehicles going through that intersection with me back off their speed.

  2. There's a safety camera on Wattle St, near Haberfield that has flashed me on 2 occasions when I was going way under the speed limit. I never received any fines. I'm not sure if there was one or two flashes, but I think if there's only one flash you're okay.

    I've gone through it dozens of times in my car and it never flashes.
  3. I've been through the one near Norton street, been through the one on Wattle street a few times and also one at St Marys on Mamre Road, one on Showground Road at Castle Hill (When it was newly installed) and one on Cumberland Highway. Most of the time the only one that regularly flashes my bike is the Norton street one. The others have once each flashed my car. The only one that did anything was the Castle Hill one that gave me a warning letter, but no fine. The warning letter was because it was newly installed at the time. One or two flashes doesn't seem to make any difference as I have not been doing anything wrong at the red light camera I haven't received any fines.