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Red light runners

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by 1600Nomad, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. Well it happens far to often but this one really pissed me off, I was turning right off Darebin Road into victoria road, sitting in the intersection waiting then the lights went amber and one car booted it through which is ok but then the lights went red and i was about to go when (only due to years of experience) saw the next car was not going to stop and ran the red, I got tooted from behind and the woman was tooting not me but the stupid moron that ran the red.

    Moral of the story is dont assume cause its a red light people will stop, if I hadnt been observant and experienced it would have been nasty if not fatal

  2. And some people complain about red light cameras :rolleyes:
  3. Sadly no camera at this intersection :(
  4. If we could junk the speed cameras and relocate them to areas of chronic red light jumping it would be an improvement.
    Yanko road/Mona Vale road at Pymble is terrible for this, you have to count to 3 before pulling away or you will get t-boned during rush hour. Never seen the police there in 12 years.
  5. Couldnt agree more!!!
  6. I had the same thing at an intersection once, a chicky in her bubble car came soaring through the red light about 3 whole seconds after it a had turned red. I was waiting to turn right but I could see her vague expression and knew she hadn't even seen the lights, so I didn't move.

    The difference was, the tool behind tooted me - he had no idea why I was waiting. Which clearly demonstrates alot of cagers only watch the vehicle in front of them, rather than all other traffic.
  7. yes as i thought the person behind me was tooting me too move, fortunately in this case they referred to the idiot running the red, but most of the time its not the case and they only looking infront of themselves not the area
  8. Which is why it's not worth watching the lights, but watching for the traffic to stop and then checking the lights.
    I ran a red this morning by a fraction after mistiming the yellow.

    Turning onto grand parade(?) at Sutherland is another - but the light change is so show there that it's still safe a good two seconds later.
  9. yes agree that is my method, mistiming is one thing but blatantly running a red is quite another
  10. The insane refusal to use the right turn arrows is a massive problem too. So many intersections have a right turn arrow but they don't use them. That and the insane habit of running the "orange" light.
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  11. No problem with red light cameras, it's their dual role as a speed camera too that is the problem. Staring at the speedo is no the best thing for people to be doing at an intersection.
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  12. Red light cameras don't stop people from running red lights, if it did then people wouldn't get fined for doing it.
  13. I'm thinking that half the time the globe's broken and not replaced. It shits me when the lights turn and only one of the sets lights up.
  14. Cages only ever look straight ahead. My method for leaving from stationary is to monitor the opposing traffic signals i.e the traffic flow you're waiting for. When this light turns orange you'll generally get a few cars who floor it. When it turns red there's usually 1 or 2 commodores/taxi's/bmw's (in that order of frequency) who blast through. Check for no further dicks before moving your gaze back to your light, which if timed correctly should be ticking over to green.

    You need to be a bit more careful with large intersections that take a while to pass through or travel is at a slow pace. Cars can enter on the orange and still be in the intersection for a few seconds after the red (not illegal but risky).
  15. I don't usually wear red light runners but when I do,

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