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Red Light Runners Combo Video

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Farab, May 6, 2010.

  1. #1 Farab, May 6, 2010
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    An efficient reminder to be vigilant at intersections:

  2. The possibilities at intersections are a worry. Losing your leg on the motorcycle seems like a definite possibility with cars hitting you in the side.
  3. Wow. that poor scooter at the end.
  4. That was brilliant. Certainly a few possibilities I hadn't taken into account before.
  5. friend lost an inch out of his left leg in damage from a side hit on his bike...

    not nice..
  6. nice reminder. ive been hit by cars at intersections 3 times. twice from behind and once from an oncoming blind right turner

    people need to learn to brake earlier
  7. I think that one where the kid+parent get hit at the crossing and a baloon floats of is an add... but god damn there are some stupid f*cks out there! :shakeshead:
  8. +1.

    I narrowly avoided a similar incident once. Riding down the road, green light, hit the intersection at about 40kph I estimate. Car ran red light, must have missed be by less than a meter. I now travel a lot slower through intersections, and I tend to take a real good look before I enter an intersection after the light goes green.
  9. there is a few VERY close calls in there, brown pants material.
  10. I'm concerned about the number of drivers driving on the wrong side of the road.
  11. That! [​IMG]

    Seriously though...

    Just sat my daughter down and talked through each one - Telling her why it is essential to always be aware when crossing the road or waiting to cross. She is 12. Never too early to learn good road craft. She rides a pushie around the neighbourhood and walks part of the way to school. The crazies are out there...

    Fun Ha!
  12. That bus driver at the beginning did a good job!
  13. The sign at the back of that bus says "Activity Bus"...
  14. :rofl:
  15. Funny this comes up now.
    Was in discussion about some additional safety stuff I do while on my moto with some family members and I mentioned that even going through a green light, you should use the corner of you eyes or even ease of fthe throttle to help make sure no one is going to run a red light as it could make the difference.
    They disagreed saying if it's green there's nothing can do about it so it's not up to you. They obviously don't ride bikes and trust other drivers more that I do.

    Some, not all, of those in the video that were in the right, could have possibly saved themselves. Having tunnel vision because you're in the right can kill you.
    Perfect example was that pedestian who actually looked and stopped while the driver drove right through and those that managed to stop allowing the runners to get through.

    Having said that, sometime it's totally unavoidable so take care everyone....
  16. ^^^ The amount of pedestrians I see on almost a daily basis just simply crossing the road on a zebra crossing without looking left or right or failing to look up from their cell phones, is astounding. They basically entrust their lives to a few white stripes painted across the road. I suppose its typical of today's dumbed down culture where you are not supposed to think for yourself.