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Red Light Runner

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by spawn, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. Stopped at a red light in the right lane, left lane clear. Car comes up behind me, stops then goes on the left, over the red light and turns right without even looking. I'm guessing the driver was drunk cause he didn't even look and this was near the Caulfield horse racing track (whatever its called).

    Two things: First, if I had got his plate could I have called the cops and reported it? Second, be careful out there, expect the unexpected, expect some ****tard to blow though a red line and clean you up.

    I really wish the powers that be would focus on this type of shit instead of speed and cameras.
  2. People continue to ignore the rules and attempt to get away with whatever they can, and this is most obvious with people running red lights. The government needs to tighten enforcement because it is so rampant. But the only way is to cover more intersections with red light cameras.
  3. to be fair, a camera in that situation would've at least caught him for it
  4. I smiled this morning when I saw a cranky mum in a new white SUV run a red arrow turning right (I was waiting to cross the pedestrian crossing with my pushbike).

    The arrow was dead red (and had been for a while), and she just blatantly turned without any regard for it's status.

    She got flashed for it... smile - you're on camera!

  5. Fair enough, but red light cameras are optimised for revenue raising, i.e. short yellow to red transitions etc plus they increase risk of rear end crashes. Also, they now combine speed and red light in a single camera too.

    I don't know what the solution is really but I'm just pointing out the dangers out there and also the fact that the enforcement is misguided with the focus on speeding and not on enforcing basic road rules. The issue being that, yes, reduced speed reduces risk of serious injury but for motorcyclists this isn't the case, we are vulnerable at any speed.

    Related to red light runners is the very common occurance of drivers lingering / blocking an intersection when the light has already changed (e.g. to turn right). I have seen many accidents due to this behaviour but no action is taken at all.
  6. Police actually out their enforcing applicable road rules such as red lights etc instead of hiding in trees with long range speed cameras.

    In my walk to the gym and back from work I cross two intersections each time, and it amazes me how many people run as late through orange lights and plain into the red.

    Makes turning across that lane interesting with traffic flow and accidents, not to mention hook turns also...

    Didn't happen to have the new camera rolling er?
  7. And where's the outcry against ALL motorists?!??!

    You see a few cyclists jump reds and suddenly all cyclists are debased vermin worthy of compost.

  8. i had this happen this morning on Alexandra parade... on the 2nd outbound speed camera.... Didn't flash. The mature lady decided that red lights do not mean stop, could of been the green beret she was wearing I suppose.
  9. Was she blonde ? Blondes seem to wear green lipstick, coz red means 'stop'... (ducks)
  10. was she hot?

    more to the point, this is one reason I stopped driving to school via the race course.. too many wreckless drivers down there dropping kids off to the station or trying to bypass a few lights to get on the freeway. I prefer to take the long way to school (princes hwy) and as for red lights, I always slow right down at intersections late at night to lbw's
  11. Sorry Spawn...I'm going to hijack your thread to get on my soap-box for a minute, then I'll shut up.
    30 years ago, you saw cop cars everywhere...people behaved themselves because there was Police PRESENCE. Clearly identifiable!

    Now the police, is hidden cameras, not just plain, but deceitful cars, and camo gear...Nobody actually SEES a cop much these days, so there is NO DETERENT.
    Sure...you get a fine AFTER the fact, but police presence stops it BEFORE the fact, which of course keeps everyone SAFER. (because less stupid things are being done in the first place, so less chance of accidents,etc etc...)

    The key word in THAT last sentence is "fine" That = money.

    And THAT is the ulterior motive to all the road safety bullshit sprayed around by cops and pollies for the last 20 years...Aside from the safety belt and drink and drive initiatives which DID actually work, because there was'nt the same big money drawcard.

    As a society, we could have the speed cameras tolerences raised to smart levels - tomorrow...but we as a nation of people could'nt organize a bloody chook raffle.

    We vote tomorrow....and if we as a nation said we'll vote ONLY for the party that fixes the speed camera abuse or complete removal, provided the work is started immediately - they'd all be GONE or recalibrated to less stringent values, of our chosing, beginning Monday morning.

    We're all to friggin lazy to do anything, and there is'nt one single polly smart enough (and it's not rocket science) to realize that he could very well get into power on that one single agenda, alone.

    It's all just so retarded...and so depressing, having to tolerate the misery of this bullshit HIDDEN enforcement style. It's become a cancer on our society.

    Ok..I'm done.
  12. Here here! :beer:
  13. surely an older gent such as yourself doesn't actually believe that garbage?
    perhaps i'm just cynical, but i highly doubt someone pedaling "i'll fix speed camera tolerance" would actually go through with destroying the gubmints biggest cash-cow in history once they get dropped in the hot-seat unless they themselves are balls-deep in the motoring scene
  14. The biggest cash cow in history is tax.

    However, fines are a free tax in the eyes of the pollies, so it's definitely an addiction.
  15. yeah but no, they'd still try. and they'd get stuck. and towies would be onsite every few hours to clear off the car corpses