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NSW Red light penalty

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by somerider, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. Not looking for sympathy here, just some advice.
    I appear to have been clocked going through a red light with the penalty details below:
    Proceed through red traffic light - camera detected - individual

    Its worth $397 and 3 points which is way more than I would have expected. I'm usually quite careful however on this particular day there were some unfortunate circumstances that had seen me pushing my CBR600rr up hills and trying to clutch start it for the hour prior. It turned out to be an electrical issue involving the stator and regulator rectifier. Essentially the battery was dead and the voltage was so low that the electrics would barely work at all. I got it running so I decided to put some faith in it after warming it up and try to get to work because I didnt want to leave it miles away from home (had stayed at my girlfriends place the night before).

    If i'm honest I dont actually recall running the red light which was less than 1km in to the trip but thats probably because I was concentrating on keeping the thing going.

    So I guess my question here is: Do I have any grounds to dispute this? I have all the receipts for the mechanical work getting it back in running order. Would it be a complete waste of time writing in and saying I actually broke down as I went across the lights? Its highly likely that this was the case anyway, it did cut out a few time and I had to use my momentum to clutch start some life back in to it.


  2. You've been pinged by a Safety Camera, which goes off if you go through a red light OR travel through the intersection at higher than the posted speed limit. I suspect you've done the latter rather than the former.

    I had the same thing happen in the car a couple of months ago, and was issued with a warning instead of a fine; I think that THAT'S where any latitude might lie, and since you've been issued with a fine, I think you're stuck with it.
  3. If you've had agood prior record and have all the paperwork to say you'd been having trouble with the bike that day. Then it certainly wouldn't hurt to give it a go.
    If the problems been rectified since. Maybe show that as well, to show that you'd gone and sorted it out.

    On the other hand. If something had happend and you'd hit someone in that intersection you'd be clucked.

    Good luck either way mate.
  4. Yes sorry mate northing you can do here pay the fine and move on with life .

    Poss get youself a gps for your phone that will give you redlight/speed camera alerts so you don't get taxed again
  5. Interesting. Well I just checked it out on google maps streetview and the sign post does say red light camera. But there are stickers of some sort all over it. Avenue of escape there?
    A friend was telling me you can ask for the picture to be sent to you because someone was driving right up your back side and it wasnt safe to stop. Thoughts?

    To be honest the "my bike wasnt working" seems like it could get me another fine for riding something that wasnt road worthy. I can prove that its been fixed but cant really prove it was dead at the time.
  6. if it was a red light camera. just pay the fine, cop it sweet and thank your lucky stars you didn't get cleaned up by someone innocently travelling through the intersection on a green.

    I've had a car travel through a red and just miss me, so I don't give a rats what the excuse is.... just cop it sweet and learn not to do it again.
  7. I was under the impression - mistaken? - that the safety cameras dont ping your for speeding in a normal sense, but only if you speed through the intersection after it turns orange.
    No? Get you for speeding anytime? If so, why dont they have 3 signs leading up to it to tell you like they are supposed to...
  8. Different regulations apply to safety cams, but i'm pretty sure you'll find they always have a decent warning that there is a safety camera ahead and more than 1 sign
  9. there's a Safety Camera at an intersection near where I live, and I'm sure it books you for red light and over 70kph. It has only one warning sign in each direction, as I recall...
  10. One sign required for a safety cam, however usually two one prior and one at the intersection.
  11. righto. Well I think I'll write in and give it a go anyway. Can't do any harm I guess.
  12. Probably better if you pay the fine and feel the pain, running a red light on a bike, particularly one you don't recall, is not a habit I'd want to get into. You're right no sympathy here, just glad we aren't reading about you getting smashed up.
  13. Mate you are going to openly admit to riding a bike that you knew at the time wasn't road worthy. Then, you are going to put the point forward that you don't remember going through the red light, because you were paying more attention to the un-roadworthy bike than you were paying to the road.

    You did the wrong thing. Pay the fine now, before more gets added.
  14. I know where you're coming from, but the bike wasn't 'unroadworthy'.

    I agree pay the fine and move on though. Stop trying to come up with bullshit excuses op...
  15. For the few tickets I have got I've always written in. Not really with much purpose but with what ever excuse I can find. There can be leniency if you haven't got a ticket in 10 years, not sure if that applies to red light. But besides that I can't really see any other reason to get off. It's like saying I shouldn't be charged with murder because my gold fish died that day. The two don't relate.
  16. Could you cite which rule makes it unroadworthy, all the lights would be working still, just wouldnt restart.
  17. I think the fear of more fines for being un roadworthy etc "could" be valid.. i wouldnt be fighting the fine.. it sucks.. but a lot of things in life suck..

    as for the "safety cameras" in vic.. the speed/red light cameras will get you for speeding through the intersection on green.. ive seen it happen to a lot of people during my morning run..
  18. What you dont think people should be fined for running a red light?
  19. Sure.

    Use unsafe/unserviced vehicle on road/road related area.

    CI 52(1)(b) Road transport (vehicle registration) regulation 2007.

    Also VC, his original post said that, "the battery was basically dead, so the electrics were hardly working at all". I fail to see how all the lights would still be working. I seriously think writing in to the SDRO with that story could end up worse than it is now.
  20. no no .. sorry.. thats not what i meant... i think they should.. and i have been.. and i paid for it.. 1.4 seconds after the red so the opposing green hadnt lit up yet.. and i know the camera and the corner and i drive it every morning on the way to work.. its just it has 2 cycles.. the right arrow either runs for quite a while.. or its really short.. on this morning i had a sneezing attack.. (one of those SURPRISE! sneezing runs) and as i rolled through the red i had my eyes closed mid sneeze hoping that it was one of the long cycles.. i was wrong..

    Sure.. i could have (and some have said should have) got on the brakes and not driven those x meters with my eyes closed.. but then some moron behind me could have been pushing it to make the green and slammed up my arse.... which would have sucked..

    So.. sometimes.. depending on circumstances.. and time spent on red.. it sucks.. its perfectly valid and not worth fighting.. but it still sucks.. :)