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NSW Red light or speed camera

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by giga, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Just for discussion , for speed or red light camera which can take picture of both directions , but for motorbike , it doesn’t have front Number plate , how the camera works if you are facing it ?

    ( only for single camera for opposite road )

  2. lol for real? they use infrared cameras which can 'see through' the bike and get a (backwards) picture of your number plate, which they flip and read to give you your prize.

  3. Oh shoot, I knew they had the infrared see through camera technology, but they've got the backwards reading technology sorted out?

  4. I thought that they just took a second photo after you passed the speed camera & matched the bikes.
  5. How does it take 2nd photo ? Turn around to your back ? ;)

    infrared cameras use infrared flash only , I don't thing they can " see through"
  6. So if you are using one of those plate flippers you would still be caught as it can see through stuff.
  7. Fixed for you :p
  8. Correct. That's also how they catch people with radar jammers.
  9. Facial recognition, x-ray camera takes pic of grinning face as you pass camera, then they match it to your licence pic....
  10. rofl i think this needs to be moved to the dribble section.
  11. If you dribble on the number plate first, the mucus diffracts the x-rays and you're smiling!
  12. So does anyone know if I get a bit of lead and make it into a backing plate for my number plate will I be able to stop the X-ray? Is this illegal?
  13. If any of this garbage about x-rays was actually true; it would be a legal possibility.
  14. Just go through the intersection sideways.
  15. Sideways through the intersection worked for me in my cage once.
    Think ill pass on trying it on the bike.
  16. the RTA before being broking up, hired stephen hawking to work on a space-time continuum camera, it records you going backwards in time and captures your plate that way. the ticket arrives in your mail box before you get back.
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    I wonder if you get caught speeding by it you can claim you were stationary and the camera was speeding in relativity. Then issue a fine to the government.