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red light offense victoria (narre warren)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by manu, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. Hey people
    I think i may have been snapped by a red light camera. Was wandering what the fine is and how much demerit points i would lose.

    I am preety sure i saw a flash but the thing was that i am sure i got out in yellow.

    It happened in narre warran. The intersection of narre warren north road and princess highway. is there a camera there.

    After i thought there was a flash i didnt bother looking if there was a camera. i was too shocked. when returning i took the alternate route coz i was too stressed and worried.
  2. Yeh I know that intersection. Theres always been a camera there.
    If it was you caught crossing, its a $200 infringement & 3 demerit points
  3. damn
    there are 2 cameras so close to each other

    firstly at the intersaction of princess hwy and narrewaren north road
    second princess hwy and web st ( the one with the station)
  4. Spot on there.. :cry:

    Get yaself flips plates & it wont be a problem next time :grin:
    BTW, welcome to Netrider :wink:
  5. Yes there is deffinitely one at Webb and Princess, but I dont believe there is on on Narre North and Princess Hwy - well as of last Thursday there wasnt.

  6. I was not aware that there was one there either, well thats to say that i have never seen one there, unless its on the narre north road side??? :roll:

    I recently recieved a fine for going through a red light. Its not pretty, $210 and 3 points. :twisted:

    BTW welcome to netrider :p
  7. One flash or two??

    The Red Light Cameras take two pics so you get two flashes, while speed cameras take one pic and you get one flash, remembering the newer intersection cameras do both Speed and Red Light monitoring these days.
  8. There's a combined red light and speed camera on the corner of Princes Hwy and Webb St. But there's no camera at Narre Warren North Rd.
  9. It's probably $200 now but a couple years back I think it was $300 when I got snapped, it was still 3 demerit points.
  10. thanks guys
    i will keep my self happy in thinking there is no camera there until such time i get something in the mail. hehehe

  11. From memory I think the camera goes off 2 seconds after the red comes on. If you are still in the crossing, look for your wallet.

    I nearly got caught because I followed a car while green, the yellow came on and I was still in the crossing. The red came on and I was still not completely over. Lucky no camera.
  12. Doubt it works like that.

    Youre caught if you cross the stop line & enter an intersection with
    red lights on.

    If you cross on amber & its red b4 U reach the other side u dont get
    fined for that
  13. My understanding is that if you cross on yellow you are off the crossing before the red.

    Might have to check that with Vic Roads or somewhere to see how they are set.
  14. yeh..

    only reason i said that was bc ive only eva seen a camera
    go off once a veh enters the intersection after the lights have
    already turned red.

    also i saw my pix at the traffic office in the city where 2 photos
    are taken. one is with car passing stop line when lights are already
    red, & 2nd photo with car in the middle of intersection which leads
    me to believe what i said is closer to the mark of what actually

    i would be pissed, & dispute a fine if i had already entered the
    intersection on ambers & still hadnt crossed when lights turned red
    & get cop a fine for that. i may be wrong after all :wink:
  15. you don’t have to be out of the intersection by the red, as long as your passed the stop line you may finish your turn when safe (even with the red light) so if you think a cars about to do a right hand turn right in front of you and you stop and the car dose the turn in front of you ( with you giving the bird) its still legal for you to finish your crossing of the intersection when its safe to, even if the lights red
    I think (even though you never here of them doing this) if the people that stick there car passed the stop line with a red light can get fined for it as your NOT ment to enter the intersection with a red light
  16. from what I understand, in WA anyway. If you are already in the intersection then even if the lights go red with you in the middle then that is fine. Of course most people twist the throttle to get through and then the speed camera gets them :)

    Fortunately none of those dual purpose cameras in WA that I know of
  17. there is an intersection near my place and every day is see it flash like crazy becuase people are trying to nip onto the end of traffic thats makeing the turn.

    As far as im concerned its well deserved. any road user that cant wait there turn desrves to be done. i couldnt give a FF if my day gets held up for 90 seconds.

    drivers are too agro and time consious. if you get flashed then you deserve it. its a good lesson to use the roa a little more conservatively and do everyone a favour.
  18. Thats what I thought as well.

    Its common sense to say that is what happens