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Red Light Fine :-( NSW

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by DVL-ZX9, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. Late Thursday night after cruisin around in town i was on my way home with the girlfriend on the back when we pulled up to a set of traffic lights and waited.......and waited.......and waited. While sitting there i had noticed that the lights had changed several times for all other traffic directions but not for mine. The problem being that i was not sitting on the major road and therefore the lights would only change for me if they detected that i was actually there....... so after around 5 minutes i checked both ways and then proceeded to turn right, leaving the long line of cars cued up behind me, just as i got around the corner i hear a siren and see a blue light in my mirror. Apparently there was a unmarked silver magna sitting a few cars back in the cue :cry: .

    So anyway he told me i ran a red light and he was going to give me a fine, and i told him that the lights wouldnt change and there was nothing i could do as i didnt want to sit there all night so i went through the light after checking for traffic.

    Now i know its a bit of a common problem with traffic lights not sensing that a bike is their, and you can actually buy "red light changers" for your bike to help. Is it really that bad turning through a red light? i mean there are some places that allow you to turn left on red after stopping and checking for traffic.

    Ive been thinking about writing a letter to them and explaining the situation, its a $318 fine and im assuming a few points :cry:
  2. Yeah I guess you really dont have many options in that situation do you? At some point you realise that its not recognising you so you go through. But surely if you had been there for a while waiting, the policeman would have noticed that the lights werent changing?
  3. yeah well he was a few cars back so he wouldnt have realised what was going on, and if youve never ridden before you dont really know what its like either :(
  4. You can write to the IPB and ask for consideration of the circumstances, the IPB will go through the process of getting the facts from the issuing officer if your history is good, you may get a caution.

    Red light offences are considered pretty serious though.

    If the IPB advise they want to enforce the TIN you have court as the only option, and I suggest legal advice before taking that avenue. You ran the red in front of Police witnesses, and the offence is therefore easy to prove, it's just whether the circumstances can be used to sway a magistrate to empathise with you.
    Worth a letter....
  5. If there was a line of cars behind you, the sensor would have caught them and turned the green light on.

    In future, sit over the cut tarmac where the sensors are and hit yoru starter button for a while.
  6. Or put your sidestand down on the loop.
  7. Or ride forward far enough, and if you have too, wave the car behind forward, if they don't move up.

    I would have asked the officer that stopped you, to come back with you and do it again, there and then.

    Regarding the fine, get someone, eg police RTA person, to go back and try and not sense it again. Maybe the RTA can measure it, and say it was not adjusted correctly?
  8. it isn't usually a good idea unless you know you can replicate it - standard computer problem of it won't work unless someone else is watching, at which point you've just guaranteed yourself a ticket.

    If the car behind you was there for at least a couple of light cycles, you'd be better off getting his testimony - but of course, you didn't get his plate did you?...
  9. Go back to the location and replicate the incident. Take some video or a witness with you. Then do the letter and add your finding there telling them that the traffic light was not operational for your type of vehicle.

    Next time, get off the bike and press the pedestrians button
    get off the bike, hit the kill switch, walk the bike on to the kerb through the wheelchair ramp, down the other side of the road, on ya bike and goodbye.. legally..
  10. +1

    I wouldn't take this crap. I've been at lights where I've put stand down, weight on stand, tried starting bike, revving it, bouncing up and down, moving back and forth over the sensor, and zip happens. Only two places I know of that are that bad though. In that situation I just go forward and motion the car behind me to move forward.. sometimes they're really dense and have no idea whats going on.
  11. I always figured they couldn't see me - the light bends around em ya know ;)
  12. lol a plausible reason for smidsy, "im too dense to see you. cars look like motorbikes to me. "
  13. Turn left instead using the slip lane and then do a u-turn to travel the way you want to go, instead of running the red light.
  14. What if there is no open (give way) right turning or u-turn lane. There is only another right turn, with another sensor activated traffic light.

    I used to finish work at 11pm at my old job and had to make the ride to my gf's house. Everytime there was a light which I would very rarely set off.

    I rode over the sensor, put my stand down, jumped up and down, did everything. The first time on the bike, I waited for 5 minutes and 30 seconds after a car pulled in behind me, it went green.

    I used to run that light nearly every day. I would say it's justfied.
  15. which corner streets are we talking about, and what suburb? (alt route coming up) :wink:
  16. Corner of Beaufort Rd and Maroondah Highway for me..
  17. So, you are coming on Maroondah Highway and want to turn right on to Beaufort Rd.
    Stay on the left lane, turn left into Kalinda Rd and do a legal Uturn, that is after 50 meters stay in the middle lane, indicate and turn right in the driveway between houses #2&4. Then reverse back into the street, ride up the traffic light at the corner of Kalinda and Maroondah and then right and left into Beaufort ..

    If that sound wrong to you, it probably is, as it comes from google maps :LOL:

  18. Well, if they don't accept the explaination, go to court. Anecdotal evidence such as these (printed) forums should highlight to the judge the problem for plastic pocket rockets. (If he's not aware of the issue with inductance loops. - Perhaps some back-of-the-envelope inductance loop calculations (any electrical engineers or coil rewinders here?))
  19. I'd ask the RTA to test the set-up (report it as faulty) and then send you a copy of the report or a letter. Send this with a letter to the Perin people, stating that the induction loop was faulty etc.
  20. I doubt if they will and if they do it could take months, he might even need a FOI.. But it is a good way for delaying the fine/court for ever.... :wink: