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red light cameras

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Guest, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. has anyone here ever been done by a red light camera?
    if so do you know anyway to get out of it?
    a mate from work for done for the second time this year so he can't use the good can't use the good record excuse...

  2. There's almost no excuse for running a red light. Your mates going to have to pay up and take the points.
  3. What are the points for running a red light?
  4. That's one of a very few traffice offences I really agree with. Bad luck for your mate, should have thought a bit more before running it and possibly risking a life.

    If he's been snapped he's stuffed. Only thing he could do is bribe a friend to say that they were driving and take the points for him. It's got to be a BIG bribe if you ask me.
  5. While I actually agree with the use red light cameras (running reds is f^%*ing dangerous, FFS!) I went and got flashed myself about a month ago. Just didn't see the lights at all. Couldn't see through a wall of trucks, but I was well and truly in the wrong.
    Fair enough I thought, learn from it etc.
    Nothing came in the mail. :)
  6. 3 for the red light, 3 more if you're speeding (and it's a combined speed/redlight camera).
    Theoretically, you could do you're whole licence in about half a kilometre in one insane episode, down Alexandra Parade :shock:
  7. 3 points and a $205 fine, ouch.
  8. In NSW it used to be you had to run it by 3 seconds. So it was 6 seconds from first turning orange, which is a bloody long time.

    But recently I saw one up near Penrith that went off just as it went red. A little harsh I thought, considering sometimes you might miss the first second of the orange due to distractions, or it might be wet etc.
  9. Not really. Given that you're supposed to approach a traffic light controlled intersection at a speed that will allow you to stop when the lights turn amber, there's no real excuse for "not being able to stop in time." And doubly so for when it's wet.

    When most crashes occur at intersections, and how many of us have had the bejasus scared outta us in such situations, I'm with the others here. As long as the technology works and is reliable, then red light cameras are a good thing.

    When at Melbourne Airport a few weeks ago, I was coming out of the long term car park. Cars heading into the domestic/international terminals were getting flashed as they ran the lights. I saw it go off 3 times in that short period between it going red and our lights turning green.

    So, despite the warnings about the cameras, people are still taking the risks.
  10. My girlfriend stopped at a set of lights when they were red. Then while waiting for them to change had a complete brain fart and just drove off through the red she didn't get snapped though cuz the red light camera was on the other side of the road getting east bound traffic not west bound.\
    Anyway that's my 2pence
  11. I think they are great, it would be cool if they spent the money on these instead of on speed cameras.
  12. I did that once many years ago. No cameras then. Very late at night. Pulled up at a green light, waited till it turned red and then took off. I realised immediately what I'd done. No damage, just a fright for me and a rather confusing time for the Japanese tourists in the back of my taxi.

    I figured it was time to go home and sleep.
  13. is 'brain fart' a medical term? :LOL:
  14. nova for pm!
  15. I've seen one in SA that goes off as soon as the light is red. Its got me twice (heheh living on the edge here :p) and neither time did i receive anything in the mail, i figured it might have been some sorta scare tatic to stop people from trying to beat the gun.

    What happened to my mate was funny, his Taxi broke down at an intersection and the red light camera kept going off coz he was over the line. Ended up getting 30 Odd fines sent to him in the end and had to contest the stupid things.
  16. If we had more Novas, we'd have Multinovas!

    (sorry but it's *almost* on topic)
  17. and if Nova had special powers we could have a supanova :p
  18. Classic, post of the day! :LOL:

    I do agree though (not about having a SuperNova ), more cameras actually used for our saftey as opposed to being a default revenue stream is a great idea.
  19. While it's on-topic:

    I went around the left of stopped traffic and pulled up at the front with my wheel over the line and got snapped. Is that a fine? I was stopped!