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VIC Red Light Cameras FAIL (again)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by titus, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/redlight-cameras-faulty-vicroads-admits-20121005-2734t.html

    The lapdog Vic Auditor General has only just finished reviewing the camera system (using evidence almost exclusively from Road Safety Partners) and gave them an unqualified glowing endorsement. His credibility is totally shredded. He's been exposed as a mouthpiece for the beneficiary organisations and needs to resign.

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  2. Re: Speed Cameras FAIL (again)

    Awesome read (y)
  3. Re: Speed Cameras FAIL (again)

  4. Re: Speed Cameras FAIL (again)

    I wonder if they would reimburse those unfortunate folks who had to pay more on insurance because of their demerit points, or pay for hardship caused because of loss of license and laybe a guy lost his/her job or had to catch garbage transport............
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  5. It was a Red Light Camera not a Speed Camera
  6. Re: Road Safety Cameras FAIL (again)

    Good catch, MM. You're right, although red light cameras were included in the VAG's review. It still shows that the operation of the cameras and associated infrastructure is prone to stuff-ups on the part of the operating authorities, and neither they nor the VAG noticed them.
  7. Re: Speed Cameras FAIL (again)

    I might have missed the point, why is that relevant to AZN's point? Failing to stop at a redlight is 3 demerit points isn't it?
  8. Re: Speed Cameras FAIL (again)

    The timing is critical because the offence is 'entering an intersection', not 'crossing the stop line': there is usually a ~6 metre difference and the line marking the intersection does not exist!

    You can actually be past the stop line on the amber but then enter the intersection on the red, given the distance involved and your speed at the time. The intersection is that area inside the box delineated by joining the curb at each corner of the intersection, and can only be created from an overhead map/diagram of the junction.

    No wonder it's such a fustercluck!!!
  9. Re: Speed Cameras FAIL (again)

    Either way, title probably needs modification...
  10. Re: Speed Cameras FAIL (again)

    Absolute Fraud and the people responsible should be charged accordingly.
  11. Was just trying to clarify things Rob.
    Totally agree that the camera was out of whack and has been detecting incorrectly.
    Just clearing up people were getting caught on a 'short amber' timing and not for being over the speed limit.
    I should have made that clearer in my post.
  12. Re: Speed Cameras FAIL (again)

    :facepalm: I shoulda seen that! Title editicomy in 5 , 4 , 3 ,...
  13. Re: Speed Cameras FAIL (again)

    As the Thread starter you should be able to dive in and edit the original post Titus.