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Red light camera

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by PreviousUser8, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. I have a hypothetical for you guys.

    A hypothetical bike + rider are caught on by a red light camera. The bike is registered to someone who, due to a licence mixup, isn't legally allowed to ride it at the moment. Obviously, the fine and the demerit points will be sent to the registered owner.

    Is it an admission of guilt to pay the fine? Can the registered owner pay the fine and collect the points, without being legally able to ride the bike that got the fine?

    How sensitive are the red light cameras? If the bike way half way across an intersection before it went red, will that cause a fine to be enveloped up and sent out?

    Is the hypothetical rider freaking out for no reason?

    Edit: For glaring use of a blatantly incorrect word.
  2. I think you mean 'admission'. But yes, it is.

    Sure, the registered owner could declare that they had been riding the bike at the time. Nothing prevents that.

    The police may notice that the rider isn't licensed to ride the bike, though, and write a nastygram to said rider.

    Red light cameras will only catch you if you enter the intersection after it has turned red. That is to say, if you're already "halfway across the intersection" before it goes red, then you won't be fined.

    If the rider on the bike at the time was not the registered owner, the registered owner simply fills out the statutory declaration on the back of the fine, declaring who was actually on the bike at the time.
  3. Hypothetically the rider would be fine.

    The sensors are just in front of the lines at the intersection. If you were hypothetically halfway across the intersection you would have nothing to worry about.
  4. Yes. Yes, I do mean 'admission'.

    I think the owner's main concern would be that that there wouldn't be another rider to declare as the rider at the time of the incident but hopefully the bike wasn't picked up at all.
  5. fine goes to owner of bike. owner and other mystery person decide if owner will take the fall of if mystery person will fess up. thats your call....um mystery persons call.

    half way accross you should be ok anyway. see a flash ?.
  6. are you this "hypothetical"
    was the bike non learner and you are?

    I got rego on a bike when i only had a car licence, no questions asked by the rta, so if its got rego and someone rides it is ok.

    dont know how involved the police are with camera detections, I thought they are run by the rta

    I would also like to know how heavy or how much metal for the magnet to pick up, whay if you were on a light scooter where most of it was plastic, it would have the same metal content as a push bike, dont think they pick push bikes up
  7. that not to say that if you were speeding it hasnt got you. The flashes for speeding are delayed to get a good shot of the plate and go off quite often when people are in the intersection, per se.
  8. hypothetical rider, should drop the clutch and do a wheelie to cover its plates while going through said redlight camera
  9. Traffic-light sensors still pick up my aluminium mountainbike. (It's not weight driven, but a change in inductance caused by the metal) Don't know about red light cameras, since I don't run reds. The faster you the more noticable the change in inductance will be to the sensors, though.

    A scooter made from 40-50kg of metals should easily be detected.
  10. Blurting out who the hypothetical is would defeat the point of having a hypothetical in the first place. :p

    I'm not a learner. I transferred my licence from a Tassie licence to a QLD one and ended up with a restricted 250cc licence and not the open full licence I was expecting. Bought an SV650S before transferring my licence too so that was a shock. Completed my Q-Ride course for my Open R and was told I was ineligible for the course as I hadn't officially held my open RE for long enough. Long story short, I have to wait until March before I can get my open R.

    They didn't even blink an eyelid when I transferred the 650 into my name, even when I had them double check if it was accurate that I'd been only given a 250cc licence.
  11. in the end i guess you're gone..

    do not pass go, please go to jail.
  12. Red light cameras only become active after the light has gone red... and actually it's like a .5 second delay too so you can run a red and not get flashed(although for safety reasons i wouldn't recommend this as someone may be racing off the lights on green). If you entered the intersection on amber it doesn't matter if the light turned red while you were still in the intersection, only if you entered the intersection AFTER the lights turned red.
  13. That's what my boss said and that she'd send cupcakes but would expect me to get a lot of work done in jail so I was to take my laptop and wireless dongle.

    I feel heaps better about the whole situation. Thanks, guys.
  14. If the light went off you got caught, in the case of red light cameras they also get you for speeding by the distance covered in the 2 shots they take, they look at how far over the white line you are to judge if you get the fine or not.

    cant remember exactly how far over you have to be to get cleared. (know someone who just went through it all, disputed it all and got an info pack of why hes getting a fine.
  15. No, they dont, zealt. Theres two sensors in the road and they use the time between those sensors to calculate your speed.

    They also show you how long the lights been green, yellow, or red for.
  16. Dunno how it works in your state, but in Vic, the infringement notice contains a section where you can name the operator of the vehicle if it is not the owner. This has to be filled out and signed by the culprit however, or the fine and points stay with the owner.
    I agree that if you were half way across before it turned red, you shouldn't have a problem.
  17. in bris if you get a fine and its not you driving /riding etc, you have to fill out the stat dec on the back and get it signed by a JP. in vic we dont have to :)

    also for whoever asked speed cameras up there are run by the police, not the rta etc. so i'd assume they'd be on to it;)

    but as said above if you wer half way through literally when it went off then you should be fine.
  18. "Traffic-light sensors still pick up my aluminium mountainbike."

    Aluminium is non magnetic. Thus, if you had a car/bike made from plastic, fibreglass, carbon fibre, Al, and Ti, then you have zero chance of setting off the sensors.
    Push bikes have a hard time as well. I have glued a hard-drive magnet to the sole of my cycling shoes and also one to the arch of my moto shoes. Although this can increase the chance of setting off the speed camera sensor, my foot is higher than the lowest exhaust pipe, so i don't care about it. And yes, i do swerve over into the cyclist lane to miss the sensor... but only when no one is watching. :p
  19. While aluminium isn't magnetic, it still influences the field it passes through. Albeit not to the same degree as a ferritic material will. And my MTB isn't 100% aluminium anyway; small parts are ferritic.

    But the above discussion aside, my point still stands. My point in the earlier post was was: if even my 10-15 kilogram mostly-aluminum mountainbike can be detected by road sensors (and most of the time, it is), then what chance does a 50-100 kilogram predominantly-ferritic-steel scooter have of sneaking past unnoticed?
  20. Actually it is. Get a strong enough magnetic field and it'll stick.
    Oxygen is magnetic too, here's a pic of liquid oxygen stuck between two magnets to prove it:

    Edit: Of course magnetism is irrelevant anyway with an induction loop, it's basically just a large metal detector (and if those relied on magnetism they'd be crap at finding gold).