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Red Light Camera

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Zealt, May 4, 2008.

  1. I got flashed by a read light camera tonight. :(

    Does anyone know if you get a fine for leaving the right hand turn lane while its red and and moving off straight ahead?

    Ohh and I also cut in front of a car to do it.. they were about to take off because the light just went green.

    (yes i was filtering down the right hand turn lane and pulled in front and it activated the right hand turn red light camera)
  2. These cams take 2 pics.
    If you get sent a TIN, go in and have a look at the pics. If you can see yourself in the pics going straight ahead, you should be able to escape the fine.

    Edit: Civic Compliance Vic has the pics. It's free to view but costs money if you want copies. Used to be on the corner of Collins and Spencer St. (Not sure now).
  3. You may be lucky but it is my understanding that it is a turn lane only and once you enter the lane you MUST turn. Kev.
  4. yeah check out the photo... they usually cost a bit, but if you live close enough to the city you can view them for free... and the court I think? not sure on that one... but definately somewhere close by to the court.
  5. You may get out of it but you could get done for failing to drive in the direction of traffic lane arrows.
  6. Yeah i hope all will be ok, don't know about right turn only, there is no double lines that say you cant cross back over and no signs saying right turn only, so if it comes up hopefully i can argue that..

    I don't live near the city so if i get a letter i might have to request a copy, someone told me its $15 and id prob get lost in the city for days and spend that much on petrol if i went in to view them..

    Thanks for the help guys, i'll let everyone know what happens.