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VIC Red Light Camera

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by GurnardSam, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. So I was cruising home tonight, when out of no where come the blinding highbeams from the car that was coming right up behind me then backing off and coming right back up behind me.

    Not risking breaking and being rear ended, I went through an amber light that went red as I was around halfway through, and flash flash flash, a redlight camera goes off.

    I was probably doing 45km/hr too (though after those lights I pulled over to let the car pass doing far more then the 45 I was)

    wondering a.) can I legitimatly fight the fine or
    b.) what should I do next time?

    EDIT: I was already in the intersection when the light went red, if that helps at all..

    it was the camera at Elizabeth - Victoria street in the cbd
  2. if it was amber when you entered the intersection you are fine.

    they have a video about it

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    yes but, lets say the flash was a photo, got me in the MIDDLE of the intersection and the end, it will be a red light on the photo, when both my wheels crossed the white line it was amber..though the photo was taken when it went red, halfway through..

    ALSO. it was wet and by by the time I could get a look at the amber light, I did not have time to safely stop (about 1 to 2 meters from 45km/hr..
  4. As twistngo said, if you crossed the stop line before it was red, you are fine.


    The camera was flashing the car behind. "Being in the intersection on a red" is not an offence. "Crossing stop line on amber" is neither. The only offence is crossing the stop line whilst the light is red, something which two random photographs of you in the middle of the intersection do not prove. The cameras take one photo as the stop line is crossed as a car hits the sensor strip, then another when it clears the strip to demonstrate the car has continued into the intersection on the red.

    Think about a B-double. It can enter the intersection on a green, and still be entering the intersection as the lights turn red. Clearly not an offence, even if the light was yellow. Think of what you are considering, that the B-double slam on its breaks and sit in the middle of the intersection (even though the cabs probably passed the signals anyway) - clearly ludicrous.

    And just on amber lengths, they are set for the heaviest vehicles in the worst conditions with average reaction times
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    I see..
    I accept the speesing fine if there is one..
    I guess ill fight a red light one if I get one..

    Should I get one Itake it I need to contact someone to ask for the pictures prooving it..no idea what im doing since ive never been fined for anything ever

    Car behind me didnt follow me through..that would have been red light..he may have stopped on or over the white line..
  6. Incorrect. It is an offence to not stop before the stop line on a yellow light if you have sufficient time to stop safely. They don't send infringements for this from the cameras, but you certainly can be booked by the police for it - plenty are. ARR 57.
  7. don't stress until something turns up in the post.

    if it does though, you might be out of luck. If it's a speeding infringement you can claim a second chance if you are eligible. If it's a red light infringement you can claim you were in fear of your safety, but anything else probably won't wash - if you couldn't stop in time then strictly you weren't riding to the conditions, especially considering the wet road.

    good luck, whatever happens
  8. could be the guy tailgating you got pinged.
  9. Yep. You're safe was the car behind who got done

  10. If this part of your story is true. That flash wouldn't have been for you.

    You can get infringements for running an Amber but a Camera doesn't pick up on that. If the first flash was while you were halfway through (I assume the intersection), it definitely wasn't you. The first flash for you would have happened as soon as you crossed the line.
  11. Reason I wasnt rid8ng for co ditions "": I was. His headlights in highbeam distracted me and I had to lift my head more to block out my mirtiors when I saw yhe amber light with 2 meters to the line..flash was like 1 to 2 meters past the line..hopefully just speed..wont deny that. Bad I wasnt breaking..didnt like the idea of being run into..in a car would have slammed the breaks and gotten rear ended to prove a point..bot doing that on a bike..

    Lets hope nothing or just a speeding fine comes. Heh
  12. If something turns up whether speeding or red light, always ask for the pic. You'll have to pay for it but its worth it. The red light may have been triggered by the oxygen theif behind but its probably YOUR license plate that is easier read... so the fine will go to you to blindly pay as the fine has to go to someone.

    You've basically been accused of breaking the law...something you are convinced you did not do. Are you just going to take that? Remember whats at stake - your $$$, your license, your permanent record, insurance premiums...etc. How important are those things to you?

    However if you were speeding &/or did go through a red light then very little (if anything) will get you out of it. If it went to court there's really no excuse to let you off.
  13. Went through amber. 100%. Turned red 2meters roughly after croaaing line. Should have stopped though felt unsafe to do so.

    Was a little over at 45 ish. I can accept that ..not contesting that. Lets just hope nothing turns up hah
  14. You are fine, not fined
    get over it
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  15. If you went through on amber then you should be fine. Still, if you receive anything still get the pic. Like I said, the fine WILL go to someone and they will pick the easiest target to send it to!
  16. Red light camera fine cannot be contested on the grounds of avoiding a possible accident. But recently, a large number of infringements have been withdrawn on the basis that certain amber light intervals did not give drivers enough time to react. That would require an investigation by Vicroads.
    You need to be 100% sure of your facts before you contest, so get copies of the photos (usually two).
    I've been done by that camera and to my surprise I WAS guilty as hell.
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  17. I'm not sure if I post at right place. I apologise in advance if I posted in wrong section.

    So about 30min ago I got flashed (or could be cars from opposite direction) once at Red Light Camera.

    It's Lane Cove Rd (M3) and Lady Game Drive, West Pymble, NSW.

    I know that intersection is 70km/h (Please confirm if it is correct?). So I pass the intersection at 68km/h. And instantly the camera flashed once.

    I find it strange, cause I always see red light camera flash twice. Or they only flash twice when you cross red light, but for speeding it flash once?
  18. I drive b doubles and one of the above posts is true. I get flashed all the time because my prime mover is way it in the intersection and the b is still sitting over behind the stop sign. I wod be a millionaire if I had $1 for every time the lights went red, I moved off then flash,
  19. You sure about that? I contested mine in court for that very reason and I won.
  20. I also contested a red light camera fine and won. I has a fire engine behind me in a r/h turning lane in clayton. Light was red, I went through and flash. Was about 2003. I did not have to go to court. I just wrote a letter and fine was revoked.