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Red light camera - what do you think?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MLC, May 7, 2005.

  1. The other day I was on my way home from work approaching an intersection with one of those revenue raising safety cameras. As I approached the intersection the light changed to yellow. Conscious of the red light portion of the safety cameras function I started braking to pull up at the line with no cars in front of me. As is my custom, I checked my rear view mirror and realised the car behind was still coming. There was no way he was going to stop in time without punting me into the intersection so I made the quick decision to change from braking to accelerating. The only problem with this is that on a 250 cruiser the response is not that great. It got me out of the way of the following car but I was still in the wide intersection by the time the light had changed to red. Hopefully I have escaped getting my picture taken but If not do you think I would have a hope of getting off the fine. Personally I doubt it as I have no evidence to back up my story.

  2. Ouch... something about the grammar in that paragraph really hurt my eyes.

    Your odds for getting off aren't good, unfortunately. Unless the camera can show the car behind you (and it took a couple of photographs, to demonstrate his speed).

    Not likely.
  3. If the car followed you in to the intersection, he should also have had his happy snap takes, so that should be proof enough :)

    Write it all down now in a format that you would be able to present to the Revenue Raisers, so that if you get the fine you can send it in straight away without trying to remember the details. Any details you can remember about the car would be helpful - they can then check the photos and confirm your story :)
  4. Yep, that will be a tough one to get out off. Look at the bright side, a red light camera fine is heaps cheaper than the excess on your insurance and being without your bike for a few weeks while it is repaired and you recover from the injuries sustained. Well done, good luck.
  5. the red camera does not work for the first second that the red is on... that is so pople can actualy clear the intersection... as for the speed aspect of the "safty" camera I have no idea...

    When ever I'm driving a car through one of these and there are no bikes in sight (and I check)... I slam on my brakes as hard as possible as soon as I see it is yellow.. I want som one to rear end me so I can than take it to cort :) (you can blame the camera for making you jumpy) a bloke at work did it... he got a nice new car now....
  6. The camera's work by using the proximity sensors in the road in front of the big white line that normally determine if a vehicle is sitting there waiting for the lights to change.

    If they pick up a car entering the intersection after the Red cycle has started they take two pictures to ensure they catch the vehicle in the intersection.

    If you had crossed the line and were in the intersection when the red came on you should be safe [-o< if the car followed you in after the red then he should get done.

    I had a similar thing happen in that I chose to roll through an intersection on amber rather then get hit from behind by a semi only to get nailed head on by a car doing a right hand turn in front of me, who then hit an Audi. $5000 damage to my car, $2500 to the renter that hit me & I don't know about the Audi :roll: Two years later I'm still fighting to get my no claim credit back as a vehicle turning right MUST give way to all other vehicles so it wasn't my fault as such.
  7. PVDA is correct, crossing the write line when red is illegal, being in the intersection when the light changes to red is not. The sensors are usually very obvious (induction loops just in beghind the wight lines - separate from the normal ones which control the traffic lights).

    However - I will argue with the "revenue" raising aspect of red light cameras - that they are not in my view. Mobile speed cameras certainly are (and even acknowledged as such by most governments now!!! (can you believe it??!!))....red light cameras are there to highlight "red lights" - IMHO there are very few excuses for going through red lights - and being riders we know what can be the consequences!!! (MLC - you did have a valid reason IMHO)....

    Although I do agree with Lordtb - the problem with them is they do make people nervous...(but at least putting 100% concerntration into driving/riding!!)...

  8. I think if you get sent a fine, you can ask to see the photo or get a copy of it or something, I have heard, not sure if it's true, but check it out.
  9. if you are going to run a intersection on a cruiser here is how to beat the red light camera.

    a pack of riders went through a red light and there photos were taken , all except 1 person recieved a ticket .
    why did he not get a ticket ?
    he put his feet on the ground .

    it looked like he was stopped , there is not way to tell .

    from what i understand when he send the letter in he said that he skidded to a stop and the rest rode around him.

    (now for all the doubters and arguementative people , there is no need to debate it or argue about it so save your breath and your fingers , if you dont think it works continue to ride with your feet up through the camera , if you think it has credit and you know its a camera and you have the opertunity , do it what have you got to lose.)
  10. And that would be why they take 2 pictures about 2 seconds apart to prevent that excuse from working...................

    Here in Victoria the new cameras are also speed cameras so if you go through at greater than the speed limit on Green, Amber or Red you will get done for speeding as well as if you run the Red light.

    Yes you can get a copy of the pictures. Speed cameras take one pic, Red Light cameras take 2 as dicussed earlier so it costs double to obtain the pics.

    You can go in and veiw the pic/s for free if you wish

    The best pic I have of my old VP Comode from years ago was actually taken by a speed camera :p :roll: :LOL: standing on the brakes, bumper almost scraping the ground :shock:, and got done for 67 in a 60 zone, nearly got below the magic 66 it was in those days :x , mind you I was doing 80 when I spotted the camera car in the shadows of some trees on a very sunny summer day.
  11. So there is a pic of this rider with his feet down just after the white line and then the second one just before he exits the intersection.

    What's his name Barney Rubble??
  12. i dont know the answer to that , but i am guessing , but he could say he is still stopping or realised it was to dangerous and started to move out of the intersection .

    i dont know the answer too it , but out of 15 bikes he was the only one whoi was not booked .
  13. MLC unless the dude behind you that was about to clout you ran the red and there is a pic to prove it, you have no leg to stand on.

    They will argue that if he stopped in time and didnt run the red there was no need for you to run the red.

    You could have ridden sideways and let the camera go off. Two pics of you just over the line in the next lane is far easier to fight than a pic of you in the middle of the intersection.
  14. Probably as simple as one of the other bikes was blocking the veiw of his rear plate in both pics.

    Also note I edited (added to) my previous post. Just in case you noticed it now looks different to the excerpt in vics post. They replied quicker than I could edit it :roll: must learn how to use the other 6 fingers & 2 thumbs I've got one day :wink:
  15. The fact that the incident is being debated indicates that there is no logic to the approach that the pigs are taking towards road safety, all they care about is reaching there revenue quotas to ensure the State government has a reliable forecast of budget to spend on roads. Bloody police state :x
  16. i think given the technology available today, a short 5-10 second video of the incident would be a lot more useful. It could weed out the genuine cases of people avoiding an accident, as opposed to those who nail it and try and get through.

    Red light running should not be tolerated, but to make that judgement, the whole picture needs to be assessed, not just the 2 happy snaps of them breaking the law.

    But installing such cameras is too hard for the government... they just want units that will take just enough evidence to get the cash thanks... and maybe to check if you were speeding too, and hit you with a few more dollars.

    Maybe someone should invent a simple, cheap onboard rear/front camera system that riders can use on a daily basis to defend themselves from stupid fines and insurance stuff ups.
  17. +1, or 2 depending on how you look at it.

    +2 to what pvda said, +1 to what jdm said. So I guess if I average it its really +1.5.

  18. Generally I agree with the principal for which red light cameras exist. If they discourage people from going through an intersection after the light turns red then well and good but I have also seen a couple of rear end collisions result from people stopping short when the light turn amber and then being hit up the back by someone following to close.
    I did not get through the intersection as I was close to stopping when I decided to accelerate. Probably doing about 25K and a 250 cruiser just doesn't pick up that quick. Especially as i was in to high a gear at the time. When I looked back the car seemed to have stopped just about on the line. Maybe a little over it. From the advice given, it sounds like I may not have had my photo taken and I hope thats the case because it also sounds like I probably won't be able to argue my way out of it.

    Vic, I agree, moving sideways would have been easier to defend but it was at the intersection of Springvale and Wellington rd's with cars also pulling up beside me and I wasn't comfortable with that option.
  19. A large number of the older camera's aren't maintained or loaded. The newies generally are. You could have got lucky in this way.
  20. Let us know if you get done MLC.

    THe new camera's are digital and connected to a central 'puder somewhere while the oldies are strictly on a Kodak two for the price of one deal :p