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Red light camera that shouldn't have gone off?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by slygrog, May 25, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    I was riding home last night and stopped at some intersection traffic lights (Hume Highway and something else). I was first in line in my lane, and there was a lane next to me. The light went green and I took off. I am CERTAIN I didn't accelerate before I actually saw a green light, but as I crossed the white lines I got the flash of a red light camera. I don't remember seeing the car in the lane next to me, so I don't think they set it off.

    I'm wondering if you've ever been flashed by one of the cameras and not received a ticket (IE it's gone off for the wrong reason and they've been able to tell that before you had to appeal or something). I'm a little anxious about what the deal is because I've never had any sort of fine/ticket as a cager and getting one erroneously while on my Ls would SUCK because I <3 my motorbike license and I behave all the time. :-({|=
  2. They do go off erroneously all the time, and it doesn't mean you'll get a ticket. But it might be worth reporting the incident to Vicroads, and keeping a record of time date etc. The infringement issuing office have had a record of not withdrawing erroneous tickets unless challenged.

    Yeah yeah, I see it now. RTA, whatever.
  3. Not sure VicRoads would be interested in a dodgy camera in Sydney...
    Or WOULD they ?!

    The safety camera on King Georges/Moorefields road used to pop at me every single morning, and I never got a ticket - it was so regular I imagined someone at the RTA just liked taking photos of my butt...
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  4. If you get the infringment in the mail, ask for the photo! You'll have to pay of course.

    Unfortunately in this country, you are guilty until proven innocent when it comes to camera's. A machine is the judsge, jury AND executioner and we are fed piles of Bullplop saying they are all accurate so don't bother challenging!

    **off soapbox**
  5. Thanks for the suggestion, Titus. I just reported it through their website.
  6. I'd like to imagine that was the case as well. For you and me both.

  7. Nerd rage eh?
    Dark and sick things happening, you say?

    Are you doing anything tonight?
  8. One flash or two?

    The one's here flash once for speed, and twice if red light tripped to see if the tripper just stopped long or actually ran the red.
  9. PM sent. :D
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  10. Twice, first as I crossed the first white line, second as I crossed the second white line. But it's weird, the light was GREEN AS FFFFFFFFFFF and I didn't even touch the white line until AFTER it had gone green.
  11. FYI, Victorian combined cameras always flash twice no matter if it's for running a red or speeding.

    Anyone in the intersection could've triggered the camera.
  12. There's a camera on my commuting route that repeatedly gives me a single flash as I go through. I've not had a ticket in nearly a year of this so I've stopped worrying about it.

    To actually nail you, they take two pics so there is a distinct double flash if the camera really means it. If you only get a single, you should be right.
  13. I've had them go off for nothing before, there is one in St Kilda that always gives me a flash as I go through the green - never received a fine for anything.

    If you do receive a fine you should request the photo's - I think they made this request free a year or two ago due to so many cameras fvcking up but don't quote me on that.
  14. Jebus, you weren't joking, were you?!
    Seriously, I had to Google some of that with SafeSearch off!

    I'd do a lot of crazy things for love.
    But I won't do that ;)
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  15. Then I believe you are safe...seeing as the photo also takes a picture of the light displayed. If it was green and your bike was over the line, then obviously the camera/sensor needs to be calibrated/fixed.

    There was a busted camera at the Hoddle/Victoria St intersection here in Melbourne one night. As I stopped at the lights, someone coming the other way got snapped for running a red...that's all fine and dandy, however the flash didn't stop. Camera may not be snapping but the flash kept on lighting up like a light house beacon. Was quite funny for the first 10 flashes, but when you have to sit at the lights for at least 3 minutes watching a flash go off every second, it just gets bloody annoying.
  16. Should start writing words in large letters on the back of your gear, a different word each day. Like: Day one:"FIX", Day 2:"THIS", Day 3: "SHIT", Day 4: "ALREADY!", Day 5: "Seizure", Day 6: "Imminent!"
  17. I got pinged on a red arrow in the car the other day,I dont think there is an amber arrow so its a knife edge between ok and done.$380 and 3 points,there a ticking time bomb for every licanse holder on the road.
  18. :LOL:

    I'd actually contemplated doing something like this, but not with such a coherent message :D.
  19. The offence is nothing to do with the stop line: it is 'entering the intersection (against a traffic signal)' which is defined by a line joining the boundary of each road, i.e. the street corner and the traffic island (if there is one) and the next street corner.

    The intersection will usually be ~5 metres on from the stop line, and the first camera flash & picture will be a metre or so past the last line of the associated pedestrian crossing, taken ~0.5 seconds after the light goes red.
  20. Do you remember if when your light changed green was there a green right arrow? This would mean that the otherside of the road would have just changed to red.

    AFAIK safety cameras can do both directions. As your light went green, the other side probably went red, so chances are someone coming the other way got done. The photo also would indicate which lane triggered the camera.