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Red light camera flashed

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by GoTeam, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. I went into a right turn lane one night recently and came to a stop due to the red arrow and saw the place I wanted to go to was closed so I looked for traffic coming from behind (the road was clear), indicated left and pulled off and went straight ahead through the green light. The problem was that there was a loop detector in all lanes at the intersection and I saw a flash after I took off. I had 4 others in the car with me.

    The movement that gets flashed is the right turn through red light. I didn't do that turn. Has anyone ever faced the same or similar situation? I'm expecting I'll be issued a fine and am wondering whether I'd successfully be able to get out of it as I didn't turn right through the red arrow - I ended up going straight through a green light albeit changing out of the right turn lane to do so. No doubt they can get me for an illegal turn, changing lanes through an intersection or something and if they do I'll accept that but I won't accept going through a red light. Any informed opinions?
  2. There are apparently 2 pics taken so they can show your progression through the corner.
    With the second not going around the corner you may get lucky.
    If you get a fine you can view the pics so look at them before deciding how you want to proceed, they are the “evidence” and what they show is what you will be arguing over.
  3. The camera photographs people running the red arrow.
    You did not run the red arrow
    You went straight
    Common sense tells you that you will be ok and not get a fine
    Next ;)
  4. Common sense is decidedly uncommon among those who live on taxpayer money.
  5. Vic, my line of thinking is the same as you (went straight through a green in the end without endangering or impeding anyone so no harm done) but unfortunately FL and Grue might be closer to the mark. After all, we are living where they like to hand out fines and always forecast and budget for increasing revenue from it each year. If there's no letter in the mail within the next month it'll mean someone looked at it and followed our line of thinking.
  6. Since when did common sense mean anything these days? I rarely see it...
  7. But wait, weren't you just in that lane because you needed to avoid an obstruction on the road (behind the camera's point of view)?
  8. I was in the exact same situation about 2 years ago. I never saw the fine. You should be OK.
  9. I did the same thing on Nepean Hwy Highett last year. 2 flashes, no letter, no fine.

    You should be OK.

    Good luck.