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VIC Red Light Camera Flash..do I Have A Chance?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jaguarfanster, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Riding back home from the city today and was passing through the intersection at the corner of montague and york streets near port melbourne. The light was yellow and I thought I could make before I changed my mind and slammed the front brake. Ended up with the front wheel in the pedestrian crossing area. However I did not enter the intersection. Like 3 seconds later the light flashed whilst I had stopped. I mounted the kerb, parked the bike, and took photos of the intersection and my relative position. I'm quite confident the red light camera will show my brake light on with two feet on the ground. Do I have a case?

  2. mind you this all happened whilst I was in the left lane making a left turn from york onto montague. Speed was definitely not a factor.
  3. Wait for the fine, then get the photo to see exactly what has triggered the flash.
  4. You might be lucky; some camera 'catches' are followed up by a warning letter....
  5. Most (all?) red light cameras take two consecutive photos. If they show that you have not proceeded through, you may not receive a ticket. Even if you do, you could easily write a letter asking for it to be withdrawn, arguing that the yellow light did not give you enough time to stop (as per the Camera Commissioner's recent report).
  6. 3 seconds after stopping sounds weird. I would have thought it would go off as it sensed you crossing. You sure it didn't flash someone else going a different direction?

    However as you crossed the stop line you technically ran the red light. If you get a ticket you can try but I doubt you will get off.
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    sounds like you stopped on top of the sensor? I think the offence is fail to obey traffic lights so if you were in the intersection before they went red you should be OK. I doubt you'll hear anything. the second photo will show you still stopped.

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  8. I spent three cycles trying to get a bloody right arrow to turn green yesterday, and now this.

  9. most informative answer thank you. This lifts a tremendous weight of my chest. I won't lose my lic haha
  10. Silly question... do you have a number plate on the front of your bike? Or am I missing something?
  11. Following up this thread.

    It's been over two months and I have not received any fine in the mail. I'm guessing the second flash showed that I had stopped, albeit in the pedestrian area. Lucky save I guess.