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Red Light Camera error - 17 seconds elapsed time??? (VIC)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by flash123, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. Hi all

    I received a ticket recently for a red light infringement, I remember the intersection (Punt Rd) and knew it would be touch and go. The ticket arrived, and states that the elapsed time on red was 17.2 seconds!!

    That is simply incorrect, the amber light was well and truly visible when I crossed, so I was wondering if this detail would be enough to challenge the ticket and if so - what is the best way to go about it.


  2. Hi and welcome to netrider!

    (write a letter to the people on the fine, including the photo of the amber with you in it and the note about the light having been red for 17 seconds. Send it via registered mail. Alternatively, tick the box to go to court and have it heard there.).
  3. Cheers Bonox,

    I should probably clarify that I possibly/probably was legitimately nabbed for the red light - but the 17.2 second elapsed time on red is definitely wrong, more like 1-2 seconds. I would say their photo would show my plates and the red light, but I thought since the unit must not have been calibrated correctly I may have a chance of having the fine thrown out?
  4. it'll probably all depend on the second photo that was taken. But if the first one shows an amber, then you may be home and hosed.
  5. Thanks again - I'll have a look at the photos today.

    I thought only one photo was taken though, are there any links or info to somewhere that tells me how the red light camera systems work?
  6. can't remember - either way, if you entered the intersection on the yellow and the photo shows it, then nothing else should matter. Write to them.
  7. The photo is taken on red so it shouldnt show yellow.
    If you got through as you say there shouldnt be other cross traffic in the shot. @ 17 secs the intersection should be full shouldnt it?
  8. You'd reckon, wouldn't you? Punt Road isn't exactly Main St Coober Pedy insofar as traffic density goes...
  9. did I misunderstand? Have you got a witness? Was this at 3am or 3pm?

    Without evidence, you could well be boned if you can't prove you were there on the yellow. Still, writing could be very useful if the system is faulty and a large number of other people also complain.
  10. Unfortunately no witness or anything, and there's a fair chance that the photo shows me in the red.
    BUT, I thought the fact that the camera timer is obviously playing up might be enough to get me off on technicality, wishful thinking possibly ;)

    At 17 seconds into the red, if I ran a red light on that Punt Rd intersection I wouldn't be typing this today.....
  11. Even arguing it was yellow wouldn't help, since they could always hit back with the argument that if it had been yellow for so long, why didn't/couldn't you stop like the law says you're supposed to with a yellow. Think it also says something about always approaching an intersection at a speed that would allow you to stop.
    Basically you're screwed, this is how the Government makes it's money.
  12. Not quite. I'd be arguing that the camera was faulty. It's only meant to take the picture if you entered the intersection after the lights have turned red. If the light is still displayed as yellow, then clearly the camera is faulty, and by that token, so is any time measurements relating to the camera report.
  13. Had a work acquaintance turn up late to a party one evening. She apologised and said she had even run a red light trying to get there on time.

    When she named the intersection, I reminded her that there was a red light camera there.

    "Oh, don't worry", she said. "It still hadn't turned bright red when I went through!"

    (Why yes, she is blonde actually ...)
  14. maybe the timer starts from when it changes from green to amber as technically you must stop on the amber if safe to do so.
  15. Actually:

    The light turns yellow, then four seconds later turns red. Then another one second later the camera is activated and takes two photos of the vehicle that passes through.
    You can head in to the city and see them for nothing except a long wait, or have them sent out by paying them.

    Don't use the defence that it was yellow as that is different offence with the same penalty.

    Are you sure its not 1.72 seconds?
  16. That is exactly what I was thinking! Sounds like the decimal point is a typo. If it was red and you crossed the line after it went red (look at the photos to check) then I would say no hope!
  17. The problem is ..an orange light means stop. So you can run an orange maybe..but not a red. I think you're (politely) stuffed.
  18. Not quite, I'd imagine that a semi-valid excuse would be looking at the speedo, checking your rear vision mirror, looking up, and seeing an orange light. Isn't it "Stop, if safe to do so"?

    Had one of these moments today... Look up, "nup, not happening" (too close), coasted through a late amber
  19. If you see a stale green then you should be prepared to stop. But ok it's only your life! Or if driving a car someone elses too.
    I get caught out too, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty, there is no excuse.
  20. Umm I would write a letter first off... but beware... I went through a similar situation with a faulty timing on the lights (1 sec amber)...snapped in red.
    Went through the court proceedings and thought it would be straight forward to explain the error... nope... many court days later (threats and deliberate delays from prosecution) ...long story short even though their expert witness admitted that their light was indeed likely faulty...and the camera cop admitted they had no way of checking the camera timing correctly I was still issued the fine based on the fact they had a photo as solid evidence. Incorrect evidence but evidence none the less. Plus you really need legal representation...which is expensive...if you really want a shot at getting off. In the end... not really worth it especially if you are really at fault and you are just tryin to get off on a technicality...just cop it, its not worth the drama fightin the system...