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Red Light and Speed "loop" detectors

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by pringa8, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. Not sure of the validity of this (hopefully someone can refute it!)

    Canberra Ave and Hindmarsh Drive intersection has been fitted with Red light and Speed "loop" detectors, these are a new type of red light and speed camera, they detect how much time it has taken your car to travel from point A (first sensor) to point B (second sensor) instead of using radar, therefore they are extremely accurate.
    They are implanted under the road surface and are completely undetectable, they are also only 300 mm in front of the white stop line at these lights, so if you over shoot the line even by less than half a car length you will be charged, even though you didnt proceed through the lights.

    These are also installed at the north bound intersection of Canberra Ave and Captain Cook cres in Manuka.

    These will apparently replace all existing speed and red light camera's in the ACT within the next few years...

  2. Made by reflex in south Melbourne!

    We have point to point cameras all over melbourne now, its funny when you go down the hume and you see all these NSW cars slow down for the camera and then speed off!
    They dont realise they ar egtting timed between points!
  3. I knew they had ones like that for monitoring trucks on the highway, but didn't think about them using it for fines! B@stards...
  4. NSW was, I believe, the first Australian state to implement point-to-point speed cameras, actually.. Though not on many roads. But yes, the point-to-point nature is never advertised. :p
  5. I would be pretty surprised if this part is right though... that is why red light cameras take two pics, to make sure you DID go through the intersection. You would have to assume they have some sort of back up system to check yeah? Maybe only if front and rear wheels go over the sensor?
  6. You'd hope not, but apparently you can't cross the white line at the intersection otherwise you're in the sh!t! This is the government we're talking about here, being reasonable isn't part of the deal!
  7. They also have the speed details on each photo so if you only over shot the white line the first photo would have you at about 5kph and the second at 0 kph so you wouldn't get nicked.

    These aren't point to point cameras these are just combined Speed and red light cams like down here in Vic.
  8. ^^ Not to mention that if you only put your front wheels over the line the car most likely won't be far enough into the photo to see the rear of it anyway. The red light cameras only activate after the light has actually turned red so if you still can't stop before the line then there's something wrong.
  9. every fixed camera that i have seen in NSW is triggered by the induction loop system. they place several sensors at x distance appart and that is what calculates your speed via s=d/t
    when they say that they are undetectable, unless they just resurfaced the road and slipped them in between asphalt layers (which they can do), you will see a visible line (or 5) which is then filled in with the roadsnake goo.
    just like they do for the induction loop sensors for the lights ;)
  10. I think by undetectable they mean by radar detectors and the like.
  11. I'll roadsnake goo you!
  12. when i went up the hume many moons ago they have many of those big electic signs that stated that the speed cameras were on, and they were taking average speeds
  13. They only had the signs there because they were about to turn them on to start revenue collecting.
    I'm not a 100% sure of the number but I beleive for the couple of weeks they had the signs up before they started booking people, they still had about 500 a day go through speeding.
  14. Sorry for OT - but I meant to ask you Joel, is this 'roadsnake goo' you talk of the very slippery shit that is squiggled all over some roads?
  15. yep, sure is.
    it is used for crack repair, and is really good at repairing cracks.....just not very grippy. in fact, i am sure i have said before that i reckon it accelerates your bike :LOL:

    back to topic ;)
  16. Sooooo, if these induction loops can't detect your bike at a stop light to trigger the light sequence..........does that mean maybe you won't trigger a speed camera?
    Or, if you pop a mono over the induction lop, will it move the metal(bike) far enough away to render you undetectable?

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. +1 the portable signs were in place warning of Average Speed detection for a little over a month now there's no warning at all other than the usual Safety Cam in area signs.