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Red Kat down

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jd, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. And I think it's going to stay that way :(. Won't go into detail about the incident since I still haven't given a statement to the cops but long story short a Ford Falcon that I was overtaking on the Daylesford-Trentham road (just out of Musk) decided to make a right hand turn into a driveway leaving me very few places to go. Tried to swerve around behind them but tagged the back of the car just behind the rear wheel at around 80kph. From what I vaguely remember, and from what witnesses saw, the bike has come to a dead stop and I've stayed on it for the ride, absorbing most of the impact :shock:. Surprisingly I wasn't knocked out and was up and walking straight away at least untill someone sensibly pointed out I should probably sit down and wait for an ambulance. Injuries surprisingly aren't that bad - a few of the medicos were amazed I was even alive (not really the most reassuring thing to hear). It's definately another good advertisement for wearing the right gear.

    For those that might be interested here's a rundown on what I was wearing and how it faired:
    Helmet Nex fibreglass model - about 250 bucks: Took a couple of big hits yet the outer shell remained intact and the inner lining did it's job in protecting my brain (came close to blacking out but managed to keep alert).
    Gloves Carbon fibre/Kevlar stitched from Black Rose - 75 bucks (I think): Worked perfectly, absolutely no injuries to my hands/fingers whatsoever.
    Boots 60 buck ones from Aldi: Again must have worked okay as my feet and ankles are fine
    Jacket Black Rose Leather "Brando" style with arm, shoulder and back protection - 200 bucks: Also worked well - I've got a bit of muscle pain in my back and shoulders and a huge bruise on my arm (upper part which wasn't protected by armour) but otherwise fine.
    Pants Black Rose Leather Jeans with Knee Armour - 200 bucks: Lower body took the brunt of the impact but left leg came out fine apart from some muscle soreness. Right leg was less lucky - I've got a couple of non-displaced fractures - one below the knee, one above - which means I won't be walking anywhere for a couple of months :(. Didn't require surgery though or a cast, just a strap-on brace which I guess is a plus - just have to make sure not to put any weight on that leg (which means hobbling around on crutches for a while). Also got a fair amount of muscle damage which I still need to get an MRI on - taking painkillers at the moment though they're not helping that much. Shudder to think what the injuries would have been like had I not had any knee armour (something for those who wear Draggins to think about).

    Hopefully this will serve as a lesson to others that even cheap riding gear can protect you in a crash and that there's really therefore no excuse not to buy something.

    As for the bike, well I think it's seen it's last days. Haven't had a good look at it yet but my parents went and picked it up on Sunday and took a few photos. Actually interesting that they were struggling to get the bike on the trailer so tried to wave people down for help. A large group of Cruiser riders (they think Ulysses club) went past without a single one stopping or slowing down. Thankfully a couple of sportsbike riders came by not long after and made the effort of chucking a u-turn and coming back to help (if that was anyone here then thank you). Err were was I - ahh yes the bike. From what I can tell the front wheel has been pushed back through the radiator and into the exhaust manifold - this has bent the front rim and bent/broken all the exahaust mounts. The frame is also very noticeably bent - the front end now curving around to the right :shock:. The real irony is that I'd spent the morning looking at bikes - guess now I don't have to worry about a trade-in. The whole event certainly hasn't deterred me from riding - but has certainly confirmed just how important wearing the right gear really is (even on a warm day and on a road you know extremely well).
  2. oh well, at least you made it through jd :)
  3. Crap!

    My aches and pains resonated in memory and sympathy.

    Sounds like a lucky prang.

    Any lessons to be learnt???
  4. geez jd, sounds like a nasty off...... it's great to hear, you got off with only very minor injuires considering the impact.

    best wishes for a quick road to recovery, and hope to see you out and about again in no time.

    cheers stewy
  5. Eek.... does sound like you did well to get off as lightly as you did. Hope all goes without complications for the recovery process.
  6. Bugger :? glad your OK mate, hope your back on the road with us post haste
  7. nooo not the redkat!

    Mate glad to hear you are OK, leather pants are now on top of my shopping list. :grin:
  8. that's terrible news JD!!!
    glad you're relatively ok, i.e you'll get better!
    any clue how long insurance is going to take?
  10. Sorry to hear about your off. I hope those injuries heal quick.
  11. Sorry to hear bout the stack - unfortunately skin and bones heal - steel and alloy dont! Oh well, a crash just means new bike and matching gear. I guess you'll be posting and answering forums some more - is it possible? Anyway, hope everything turns out!
  12. nooooooo, not the Kat!!!!!

    So relieved to hear you're ok, but so sad to see the little Kat end its life :cry:.
  13. So sorry to hear that JD, I'm guessing the manual will be of no use now.
  14. Sorry to hear about your off JD...but happy to hear you weatherd it well...mend well brother and we will no doubt be seeing you soon :)
  15. good to hear you came out of it OKish

    you can get knee armour for draggins. some of us don't leave home without it. did you have strap on knee armour or the ones in pockets?
  16. Wow JD, that absolutely sucks angry40.

    So glad that you are not too broken up and will heal to ride another day (on a new steed). :grin:

    Bestest healing wishes for you pray.
  17. heya jd,
    glad you are relatively OK. :grin:

    thanks for reasserting the message about riding gear.
    entry level gear like those Aldi Boots you mention,
    has got to be better than runners/blundstones.

    when you come off
    it is just amazing to examine your gear
    and see how many of the protection features were utilised. :)
  18. Bugger mate :(

    Well every door closed is another door opened... now start looking for an upgrade :grin:

    Guess I wont be catching you for a while :( , lest you bring the car down :)

    Catch ya

    PS. Theres a good bike for sale here :LOL: : https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=33759
  19. bugger!
    so glad to hear you are still able to post.

    post up some pics of kat soon. maybe we can all help you say goodbye.

    ... now where's that back protector I ordered...
  20. Sorry to hear bout this JD, but glad to hear that you're not too badly injured. Hope all goes well in healing and of course - bike hunting! :grin: