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Red is safest - and most dangerous - says research

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kaitlyn, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. Some interesting reading about our perception of colours :)

    Red is safest – and most dangerous – says research
    Research undertaken last month reveals confusion among riders about which bike colours are the safest. Red was voted as both the safest and most dangerous colour.

    There have only been two scientific investigations of the relationship between bike colour and safety (Lardelli-Claret 2002 and Furness et al 2003).

    Whilst neither was able to propose the selection of one particular colour as the unambiguous best choice for safety, the results of these studies did point towards lighter colours such as white and yellow being safer than dark colours such as black.

    A separate study of fire fighting equipment (Schuman 1991) stated that red, which is perceived as black at night, is one of the least visible of bike colours. The report also pointed out that people have particularly poor peripheral detection of red shades.

    “However, darker colours such as black, red and dark blue are probably less visible than white or yellow bikes this will depend to some extent on environmental conditions

    Research indicates that nearly a quarter of roadusers think that red is the safest colour – probably because red is often perceived as a warning colour and is used by the fire services. However, over a third think it is the most dangerous colour

    Full details of the results are as follows:

    Safest colour/ Most dangerous colour;

    Red 23%/ Red 35%
    White 21%/ Black 29%
    Silver 17%/ White 10%
    Blue 15%/ Grey 9%
    Black 13%/ Silver 7%
    Grey 4%/ Blue 2%
    Other 7% Other 8%

    We also need to consider whether red is the most appropriate colour for emergency vehicles, such as fire engines. The research undertaken so far would seem to indicate that lime yellow would be a more visible colour.
  2. So my horrid green Kawaka will make me eaiser to be seen and less dangerous. Cool, I can live with that.

    Kaitlyn, was thoes two studies preformed in australia or overseas? As I'd be thinking outside of a city a yellow shaded bike could blend into the road side here, as the whole country seems to be drying up.

    Interesting though :)
  3. seems like another brilliantly pointless "tell us what we already know" story. You only have to ask any astronomer, navigator or night watchmen what colours work and what don't. On top of that, there aren't any situations in which you would be lingering beside a vehicle thereby needing them to see the colour of your bike - the rest of the time they only see the tail light or headlight. The odd case is a bike on a side road pulling out into traffic - the traffic could then see the side of your bike, but it is now ALL the bikes responsibility because of our traffic give way laws.

    Lastly, riding gear doesn't tend to be a flat red - you have multicoloured stuff in leather, and the synthetics also tend to have that reflective scothlite stuff as well.

    As for the fire trucks, if you can't see a 6 tonne vehicle with lights and siren regardless of what colour it is painted, you deserve to be run over like the road user scum than you are! I don't suppose any of you have noted what colour emergency vehicles at airports tend to be?
  4. This is also an opinion survey study rather than a study of actual accident stats or whatever.

    Makes sense though that light colours are most visible in the widest range of conditions - and that reflective tape can definitely help with night visibility.
  5. Umm red!

    At least they are at Cairns airport. Interesting to note on emergency vehicles now they are breaking up the red with high vis yellow reflective tape.
  6. Which is why I bought a solid yellow helmet. :wink:
  7. that's because they are purchased as a job lot with the local council ones. Look around the world at the special ones and they are all yellow or green.

    usually stuff like this:

  8. All my gear and my bike is red :(

    Guess I might be open to other colors for my next bike now...
  9. black bike, black leathers, black helmet :cool:

    i couldnt care less, i really doubt it will help that much.

    i can hide from the cops at night, better than u lot can :p :LOL:
  10. Take one look at Marcs RSV, and then tell me what colours are most visable...

    Go the Bright Yellow Italian Wanky Bike :LOL:
  11. Who gives a fcuk what the studies say. They also say that motorcycles are more dangerous than cars. *yawn*

    I choose to rid my RED motorcycle because that's what I want. I'll deal with whatever comes with it.
  12. You would be amazed at how many people cant see 6 tonne trucks with lights and sirens. When I was still a Volunteer Firefighter, heaps of the firefighters i knew complained about idiots that didn't see them and/or didn't get out of their way. Know of a few that write down the number plates of these type of folk, with a nice chat from Mr Policeman later on.

  13. They weigh around 13 tonne for a standard pumper and 18 for a slightly bigger Pumper Tanker. There are also over 8 metres long.

    But your right, people still can't seem to see them even running full lights and sirens.

    And thankyou for the complaint about lack of yellow bikes in the so called "survey" Falcon Lord. I am writing an angry letter...
  14. asking somebody what they think only answers one small side of the bigger question. They should have done a much more indepth study using subconcious cues and enviornments in order to accurately detirmine the TRUE safest/most dangerous/ sexiest colours etc. Just asking someone will only give you a very small part of the overall truth.
  15. I have silver and red flames does that count??? :grin: :grin: