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Red Dwarf last night

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by simon varley, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. I swear Doug Naylor must have been reading some of our threads about MUARC, VicRoads and TAC. Last night he introduced ERRA - the Erronious Reasoning Research Association. The theory being that if two or more obviously false theories are combined they may result in something that actually works.

    They didn't.
  2. Gotta love the knacker attacker!

    The boys are starting to show their age
  3. Probably explains why the season only goes for six-episodes.
    Even for a British show that's unusually short.
  4. when it was cheap crap it was really good. unfortunately the later series are just crap. There's still the occasional nugget in there though.
  5. It never lived up to the book though.
  6. Nah is quite common for the UK.

    Also it' Dave's first series.
  7. Used to love red dwarf but the latest series is a bit so so. Loving Sam Simmons new series before it. Problems.
  8. I quite like the new series, after back to earth I wasn't confident.

    Is it as good as series 3 no, but it's better that some of the originals...
  9. Back to earth was self indulgent claptrap that really only made complete sense if you're also into Bladerunner, which I'm not (I hadn't even seen it when BTE came out, so missed most of the references).

    The new series of red dwarf is a much better effort and seems to be a pretty decent attempt to return to the characters and storylines from earlier series, and especially series three.

    Production values and special effects are obviously much better than they were 25 years ago, but I feel it's mostly what I'd call "classic dwarf". Not a bad achievement without Rob Grant on board.

    I'm not sure who's seen how much yet, so I'll keep details out of it, but having seen the whole lot thanks to the interwebs I'd say the only real disappointment for me is that there's only six episodes.
  10. I still LOL'ed at the microscope stand being used as a prop in the final episode though, since I've bought a few used ones off ebay before and know what they're worth.

    Of course then I was distracted for most of the rest of the episode trying to work out what brand/model it was (pretty sure it's from one of the Stereozoom Leicas). :cautious:
  11. Doug was quoted as saying costs were so tight on X that they couldn't even things used in season one.

    The doco "We're Smagged" shows just RDX almost didn't made. You need to remember that "Dave" is a satellite channel it's UKTV all the normally do is show repeats of Top Gear and Red Dwarf.

    I'm impressed considering how bad it could have been, and I loved the Moose joke.
  12. It's all relative, I guess. HD cameras are standard now, and special effects shots that would've taken weeks and cost a bomb in the eighties while still looking shoddy can now be achieved in a couple of days.

    I haven't seen that doco. I'll have to check it out.
  13. Yeah but the cost of sets/props and costumes hasn't changed much, which is certainly noticeable in a lot of low-budget stuff.

    I mean I was quite impressed with the ultra-low budget (ie <$6k per episode) sci-fi series Pioneer One - but the fact that "office" scenes were clearly being shot in an underground carpark with a few false walls thrown up was somewhat distracting.

    Just a shame it's so rare for quality writing/acting and a suitable budget to actually come together on the one show. Usually it's just one or the other. :(
  14. I can happen occasionally just not normally for long enough...

    But the question is that how can someone who would want to watch Red Dwarf not have seen Blade Runner???
  15. Dunno, mate. I was 8 or 9 when it came out so I was probably too young to watch it at the time and then just never got around to it. I've seen it now... about a week after BTE came out as it happens :)
  16. It's possible I suppose I sat my boys down at 12ish to watch it.
  17. That's just because they always seem to axe the good programs like Firefly, yet continue to persist with crap like Big Brother or the Celebrity Apprentice.

    Sometimes makes me wonder just who exactly is determining TV ratings. Though looking at the Nielsen webpage seems for this country their based on the viewing habits of just 0.1% of the population (5,000 homes at what should be an average of around 3-4 people per home).
  18. It's like when they say downloading reduces imports, if none of the people surveyed download then how can it make any difference.

    As far as reality goes the secret is that it's the cheapest way for the commercials to keep up their local content quotas.
  19. Yeah I guess just like spam emails sucker in enough idiots to be worthwhile, so too is advertising on TV during "popular" programming.
  20. It's a slightly camp space-opera filmed in bbc hallways.
    It seems a little tired but the execution of many of the jokes is still top notch.