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red devil with mods.

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by furbypimp, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. hey everybody,
    talking red devils again and big bore kits.
    what speed is to be expected with a big bore kit on a red devil?

    my red devil has a gilani gsp exhaust and mallosi rollers.
    and i get around 75kph easy. acutally i cruise everywhere on that.
    im doing the sports variator in the next 4 weeks and new fairing (since i didnt put the kick stand down properly and it fell over)so its all ready for the next sas cruise not the october cruise but the november cruise.

    but im interested in doing a big bore kit soon aswell.
    but i will only do it if there is a noticable improvment.
    so what top speeds are we talking?
    80kph is a good cruising speed since all roads around here are speed limited that.
    90kph is what i wanna aim for:D
    95kph plus well that would be nice since my mates piaggio NRG dose that stock.

    so people who have done the upgrade on any 50cc skoot please reply
    or if you know someone who has done it please tell me what you think of it.
    thanks for your help.
  2. Hey,

    I know this is an old thread, but I just got myself a red devil, its awesome :p
    It is still restricted but that will get removed on my first running in service.
    furbypimp can you give me any advice on what you have done to yours?

    I can only get around 50-55ks, what would speed would I be expecting when we de-restrict it?

  3. devil

    I just bought a red devil as well and i get about 65km out of it derestrited but i heard there is many restrictions, like in the exaust pipe and CDI, so i reckon 70km flat out but not for to long
  4. i just bought a black one - i love it.. i believe there is a restrictor in the variator, in the exhaust and possibly in the CDI ... i can get 70-75 but i think the rev limiter is cutting in (already done the other restrictions)
  5. the rev limiter isnt there as a licensing restriction like the other bit are. It is going to be there to protect the engine. Not too sure i'd be mucking around with that.
  6. mm makes sense.. so i guess new rollers are the only option
  7. Sigh... I don't know why people get 50cc then spend lots trying to make them as fast as a 100c or even more. Increasing the performance and using that extra performance is going to seriously reduce reliability and engine life..

    Cheaper in the long AND short term to just get a bigger scoot. But whatever I guess..
  8. ^^^ I know what you mean Phizog. Logically, you are of course 100% correct, but since when has anything on 2 wheels been based on logic ? :p

    I myself am not a fan of the big bore kits, but I am a fan of de-restricting and modding up a 50cc scoot to reach its maximum potential performance. There is just something about riding a bike (or scoot) at its absolute mechanical limits. You know that you have squeezed every last fraction of HP out of that little matchbox engine.

    However, I'd suggest that the VAST majority of people who mod 50cc scoots or put these big bore kits in, are actually doing so illegally because i bet most of them are riding them under the 50cc licenses. I dont condone that as i bet the implications of doing so are far more serious than any of these people realise.
  9. i hear what ur saying but the reason is really only so that the bike isnt redlining at the speed i want to cruise at - 60 -70... imho its actually dangerous restricting them to 50 - you get twice as many idiots tailgating you and its impossible to overtake

    i agree though, once you start doing much more than de-restricting you might as well just buy something with more capacity.