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red devil vs shark 50 *edit - now looking at pug, questions*

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by s2k12, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. shark

  2. devil

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  3. other (please specify in thread)

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  1. hey,

    first post :)

    anyway, just have a few questions.

    1. how much will i get from each scooter unrestricted?

    2. what are the odds of getting caught unrestricted (thinking about getting radar detector to reduce the chance too not that im gunna be stupid on it but just to keep up with traffic)?

    3. any other 50cc's around the same price (or less) that are worth a look? basically, i just want a 2 seater (not always 2 people tho thats just cos im bound to have mates ask me for a lift lol) with decent space. im about 5'10".

    4. if i leave the restricters on and get carbon fiber bits on it, is that a legal way to go faster?

    think thats about it for now, just really confused atm. i sat on the 2 mentioned scooters today and i like them both. cant test ride yet cos about a month till i can get moped licence, figured i would start looking around now tho.

    oh and im in wa if that makes a difference.

  2. Re: red devil vs shark 50

    you cant be serious :LOL:
  3. well it works on cars and i know fcuk all about scooters so i assumed it would be the same sort of thing?

    edit: by carbon fiber bits, i meant carbon fiber replacements for the stock parts to make the scooter lighter. just to clarify.
  4. Why not remove all the fancy heavy body bits, back to a naked frame.

    Would save you a lot of money ;-)

  5. lol you can safely legally do that? or were u being sarcastic to confuse the new guy that knows fcuk all about scooters? lol, sarcasms lost over the internet.

    looks like im going towards a pug now anyway, which in a de-restricted state is more than enough power to keep up with traffic on the roads i would ride on, and still have power to spare so i can get out of trouble if i need to.

    anyway, more questions.

    whats the difference between the ludix blaster and the ludix blaster rcup? or is it just cosmetic? if its just cosmetic then i wont wait for the rcup to come out and will just go look at a normal spec ludix blaster, but if theres more difference then ill wait and look at both.

    shame we cant get the aprilia rs50 bike here (not to be confused with the aprilia sr50 scooter).
  6. The reason it works on cars is that they're replacing steel not plastic.
  7. oh yeah, forgot scooters were plastic.