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Red Cross Blood Challenge

Discussion in 'VIC' started by LizzyM, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. It's on again folks, time to shame the Police on the Blood Challenge Honor Board.

    Now you can register your donation online here: http://www.donateblood.com.au/clubred

    Click the link and follow the instructions...ie: register your donor number, then club affiliation, that is, Netrider Pty Ltd. You only need to do it once, the Red Cross will keep the tally for all blood challenges in future.

    You can then check on how well Netrider is going in the tally.=D>

  2. Can't do went to the December 6th not allowed to donate for six months after minor surgery be back next June but nothing stopping everyone else from trying it's a bloody good thing to save a life=D>=D>=D>
  3. Never done it before, but have meant to get around to it. Will have to get down there soon.
  4. anyone else get a free first aid kit from them? its tiny could fit it on my keyring LOL :)) I can't donate for awhile yet only just donated about 8 weeks ago.
  5. Yes me too never done it before, i'm in this time do I need to do anything?
  6. yes!
    would be nice if you held your arm out and gave blood:LOL:
  7. No I will give my finger out for the blood!

    I mean like register myself as a group or anything to do with the paper or just turn up? Becuase I look at the link it need a group, number of member and so on.
  8. Recent surgeries aside I'm another person who regrettably can't donate blood any longer:cry: Apparently my Britishness means that I'm a mad cow:jerk: If only there was a screening test as I used to donate regularly back in my teens and wish I could do so now.
  9. If you've never donated before, you won't have a donor number. You get this after you make your first donation. After that...you can just log on via the link, and nominate Netrider.. simple! :) Good for you deciding to donate. It's a good thing for all. =D>

    As for the first aid kit.. it's so cute... my little teddy loves his new backpack. LOL
  10. Thanks Lizzy will do that.
  11. Yup I can't donate either....as I was a resident in the UK for a cumulative period exceeding 6 months during the period 1980-1996...

  12. Done, making an appointment for next week sometime.
    Been 9 months since my last donation but due to Achilles surgery couldn't do it till now.
  13. Going in for another blood (plasma) donation this week.. my total for the year thus far will be two. Just checked the tally and there's only one recorded... surely that's not the only donation made? C'mon guys...don't let the side down! :(
  14. Going on wed.
  15. I'm not due for a whole blood donation yet...
  16. Have registered my donor ID with NetRider now, Liz. Am due to give blood now, so you should see me add to the tally soon.
  17. Just donated.
  18. Thanks guys, I've made mine too. Tally for January stands thus far: Victoria Police (2) Latrobe Valley Police (7), Motorcycle Riders Assoc.(13), and Netrider (4).

    Such an important community service that (god forbid) we might need at one point in our lives. I hope this might raise more awareness amongst the franternity, given that I've noted some riders (less appropriate protective wear) enjoying the summer days (they'd never be Netrider members of course!) They especially might require the Blood Service.

    Seems more (some reckless) folk need blood, fewer are able to donate the vital liquid.

    Can I raise the flag any higher? :)
  19. I got a gee up phone call from redcross. It's time for another donation... I think the donation and Belgium beer cafe option are a good combo. Will probably post up a separate thread on organising a donation.
  20. Rob, I'm overdue so I am in