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Red bull

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Riderman, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. What is with the people putting soft drink cans on their bikes?
    Did I miss the joke?

    I remember years ago I read about some n00b rider who stopped off at a servo, bought 2 cans of 'NOS' soft drink and poured it into his fuel tank then posted about it on a forum - is this related?
  2. - it gives you wings man - most sports bikes if they had wings would fly

    its just a lark
  3. what is a lark?
  4. A lark is a joke
  5. It is a small bird noted for its song.
  6. Its a Buick
  7. Yeah you would know wouldnt you "father time " :)
  8. Too true paul...

    This is a Lark


    This is a Hawk

  9. but seriously, a lark is a bit of a joke, in Aussie slang

    Lark A merry or hilarious adventure. “That was a bit of a lark.”

    there are heaps of others, too, read and giggle, http://www.essortment.com/all/aussieslangwor_ruuv.htm

    Loz has a bottle, not a Red Bull one, on the side of his bike, but I believe it performs an actual purpose :LOL:
  10. Does anybody know how this joke started

    Thansk Bonk that was a good site http://tinyurl.com/ybcs9a7
    I also tried to google 'Why do people put red bull cans on their bike" but no results - can you help me with The Google again please?
  11. What joke, the one about Red Bull cans, the one about the use of the word 'lark' or the complete disrespect I and others have shown for your thread by derailing it into discussing 1960s American cars ? :rofl:
  12. Back on track for a minute… I've got one on my bike because I've never seen it done here in Australia, but was fairly popular back in the US. It's more of a boredom thing than anything, and it looks funny with the hose coming out of the "bottom of the can"

  13. But quite good American cars though Paul... :)

    Somewhere here there's a thread about an idiot who put NOS energy drink in his gsx because he thought it was a fuel additive. Can't find it with a search though.
  14. Yeah, that thread was good quality.
  15. Studebaker.
  16. The Buick was the Skylark.
  17. I think it was done to bait the cops who may think its a nitrous bottle


    to make it look like a reservoir for a top spec ohlims rear shock


    Buick/studebaker -- who cares at least it wasnt an edsel

  18. Precisely why I didn't use a NOS brand drink for mine. Last thing I need is some twit jumping down my throat because he thinks I'm using something that shouldn't even be illegal in the first place.