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Red Bull "almost' Racing

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mcsenna, May 30, 2016.

  1. Is there anything else, apart from blindfolding him, that Red Bull could do to Daniel /

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  2. I reckon Helmet must be anti-Aussie and has his hand up Horner's bot-bot.
  3. To be fair, he was unlucky in the last race, all redbull did was split their strategies and max benifited, HOWEVER, Monaco was much different, he was legitimately robbed. Fox sports reported that the engineers changed their mind from running soft to super soft at too late notice for the mechanics.

    Redbull have a history of screwing aussie drivers, Ricciardo will be the next Mark Webber, I recall seeing Webber run out of fuel on the last corner of a flying qually lap at sepang........ race engineers don't get fuel loading wrong
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  4. 1st time = understandable
    2nd time = disappointing
    3rd time ? = got to be a bit of the old corruption game going on i'm thinking. Or maybe the Europeans are still upset about almost loosing Euro-vision to some upstarts from a Pacific Island!
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  5. No ways Red Bull will do anything to stop one of their cars winning.

    They have just gotten used to be rather second rate and have to re-learn how to win again.
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  6. Somebody won big in a bet placed after qualifying....
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  7. how big?
    enough to buy cake ?
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  8. To me there was 2.5 stuff ups, not just one. Firstly they probably should have left him out for a couple more laps on the wets. That's the half. Secondly the delayed stop, but the last was the tyre choice. It was pretty clear by the end of the race that Hamiltons tyres were more appropriate. He only had trouble for a few laps after the stop. Which brings me back to my original point.
  9. The tyre choice was immaterial since passing in Monaco is so difficult. All you need i track position and you can keep riding to your tyres capability and still keep people behind you (except for Kvyat - he'll take you out trying to pass where you can not)
  10. First race I have watched live for years, went to the Superbikes in the EXTENSIVE add brakes, couldn't believe what I was watching. Not just a fluffed pit stop from the best crew out there but it was like watching the keystone cops only in slow motion.