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Recycle that bike.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dave_vic_ozz, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. Folks,

    I have some left overs from my Z750 Stat write off purchase and have signed up for ebay.

    Got any tips on how to sell on ebay safely?

    Apart from Kawasaki and Z750 what other key words should I write so the right folk see it?

    What sort of price should you start at?

    It is indicators and levers and that sort of stuff.

    Dave D
  2. It's easy to sell safely: don't post or hand over anything until you get paid.

    Put it in the motorcycle parts section, under Kawasaki.
    Make the starting price the minimum you'd be happy with for the parts, so someone can buy them for that, and anything extra is a bonus.

    Check OEM/aftermarket parts pricing to see what the price of brand new stuff is.
    You can probably expect about half the cost of new for 2nd hand parts, I'd reckon.
  3. Does it run still? Cuz thats a big plus..
  4. I bought a statutory write off for the engine to go in a hill climber. It did an end over end but it was really the front wheel that just looked really bad. Almost everything else was ok.

    So I have a mirror, 4 x indicators, seat, the stand, pedals, levers and a couple of the plastic covers. I figured they are the type of thing others may break.

    Dave D.
  5. and be careful of the scammers emails, search this forum for ebay scammers, youll see what i mean
  6. Bottom line, as above - don't send or hand over anything until you have the money in your account.

    Search ebay for the items you're selling, get a reference for what they are going for.