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NSW Recreational registration

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by dobbo, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. I am not sure how much relevance this will have for members of this Forum, so feel free to delete this post or move it to a more relevant section.

    A proposal for Rec Rego in NSW is getting some momentum

    This aired on the ABC on the 15th July 2014:

    I know Vic has had the Rec Rego program in place for quite a few year now, as I am not from there, I do not know the positives or negatives of the Vic Scheme.

    I guess this proposal is only the first step for NSW; at the moment the rider still has to have a NSW licence, so this proposal still does not make it legal for underage or unlicenced riders. Basically, a greater choice of bikes for licenced riders.
    Eventually, I would love to see it expanded to include a rider's permit, to be used by unlicenced riders / underage (down to 12 years old) with the provision that a licenced rider must be accompanying them, much like a junior shooters licence.

    Even with rec rego in place, it may still not be enough to get riders who have no interest of road riding, to go through all the steps/costs to get a licence.
  2. I know that there are a lot of obstacles to cross for this to get up and running. From my research, and that was two or three years ago,I have found that there is already a form of recreational registration in NSW, but the only place it is valid is Stockton Beach. However I agree that we need this form of registration and licencing. I also agree that there should be a junior licence for 12 years and over, accompanied by an adult. Those that are serious about enjoying off road riding will do the right thing, those that aren't that serious will continue to do what they do now and take the risk But it would be a great improvement. I've joined MCC NSW and will be following the developments for my own interest, I enjoy off road riding as much as on road. It may be a bit premature, but I've ordered the Rec Rego kit for my Zonghen 250.
  3. I am working on this. Things are happening, but it is too early to be specific about what it will look like. We've been here before a few years ago only for it to be killed off. The Minister is keen to make it happen, so we will see how all the different departments work together and see what we can get. When we are at a point where I can divulge info, I will.
  4. Club Reg in SA, there are plenty of people in the RTA dead against it so we've had to be pedantic about managing log books, club membership etc to show that it is being managed. Their interest is purely financial of course.
  5. Any update on developments Dave?

  6. If it's anything like the current scheme that exists only for access to Stockton beach, the CTP component which is paid for that will see any new, broadened scheme costing all but the same as conventional rego, only difference being the ability to ride non-ADR complied bikes.
  7. Club rego and Recreational Rego are completely different from each other.
    There is a movement re going the log book route in NSW,I like the current scheme with its wiggle room. Since they virtually tripled the rego costs of my 250 Husky used to be fully reged but not now I find I have let the full rego go,paying almost $800 to take it riding up the Wadigans or Bulladela 4 weekends a year just to expensive.Recreational rego has been on the agenda for years, that Stockton Beach thing was a joke. Mainly for tour operators using quads.
  8. Kind of. Unfortunately I'm sworn to secrecy at the moment so can't divulge much, mainly because I am working on something with Transport and they have asked me to keep it quiet for now. The MAA is involved as well, so we are making progress. We are looking to progress it via a regulatory method that hasn't been used previously, at least not regularly for motorcycles. The last two attempts to get this done have failed for a variety of reasons, so we're heading in a different direction administratively. The proposal looks much more like the Victorian system than what was previously proposed in NSW and failed.
  9. There was an attempt to get it done via an expansion of the Stockton Beach provisions to include other areas, but it would have required the permission of the landholder for each area we wanted to ride in, which meant that Forestries NSW and national parks would have veto rights over all riding locations that they controlled, and other bodies could kick us out of other areas. Obviously unworkable.

    So that has been shelved, and we are looking at another option. Basically I'm trying to use an existing regulatory anomaly to bring bikes under a scheme thats designed for something else, to get around the need for landholder approval. Sorry that's a bit cryptic, but I can't say much yet.

    If we can get it to the point where we have something to announce, it will all make perfect sense when I explain what we're trying to do. It should be pretty simple if we can get the numbers to add up.
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  10. Thanks Dave, I for one, and I know a lot of others are very keen for Rec rego to go ahead in NSW
  11. The current situation is after a lot of hard work and a commitment by the Minister in 2014 stakeholder engagement has started.
    I personally have had a number of meetings with the Minsiter's staff on this issue and the Centre for Road Safety over the past couple of years. Despite comments that previous attempts had failed, the facts are contrary to that statement. Work has been going on in the background that culminated in the Ministers announcement in 2014 and discussions have continued to take place.
    I have had a second series of meetings over the past few months and stakeholder meetings are being arranged as we speak.
    The Alliance had one last week and DSMRA are this week.
    Things are very positive indeed and the wheels are turning after some serious effort by riders in the dirt bike world and the MCC.
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