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Recreational mx ride days @ Broadford

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. Hey Guy's,

    Just thought I'd inform all the dirtbike riders here of monthly recreational mx ride days on the Broadford motocross track.

    I am President of the Mitchell Recreation Motorcycle Club, the 'Mitchell' part of the name comes from the Mitchell Shire that State Motorcycle Sports Complex is in at Broadford .

    We run monthly ride days at Broadford mx & minibike tracks; no racing, just 9 x 15 min sessions for all classes, all day, of fun riding. We cater for learners & Juniors.

    The on-site canteen sells drinks, coffee, hotdogs, dim-sims & pies.

    Our next day is Sunday August 5, check-out the following website or Facebook pages or send an email to the listed address for more info.

    www.mrmcc.org.au (website)
    MitchellRecreation MotorcycleClub (Facebook)
    mitchellrmcc@gmail.com (email address)

    Regards, John
  2. Hey Johnny,

    Is there a size restriction on bikes? I've been looking at some tracks near me, and max is 250cc.

    I know I don't have a mx bike as such, but have been thinking about getting one to gain some dirt skills, as all I use mine for is basic trail riding (at a spectacularly nooby level!)

    If there is a size restriction, or my bike will be no good, what are the options for getting along?

  3. There's no size restriction, it's a good day to just ride around and have fun, though you do have to stay on the motocross track or minibike track.

    Because it's the MV (Motorcycling Victoria) owned property, you have to have a race or recreation licence; you can take out a one-day rec licence on the morning just as per the Champions Ride Days.

    You have to be a member of the club, 12 month membership is $50 for single or $70 for family. Joining after June is half price $25 for single and $35 for family.

    The ride fee is $30 per day.

    It's the most expensive pay-out on your first ride, especially if you don't have a licence (nothing compared to roadracing tho lol) but once you are a member and have a licence it's only $30 each time.

    Our club can offer 12 month recreation licences for $86, taking out a 12 month rec licence will save you heaps; beats paying $20 for everytime you ride; be it dirt days or Champion days.
  4. Hey Jonnydo you know how can i get a chance at riding the dirt track at Broadford?
  5. Hey Mick :)

    You can either join Mitchell Club or Harley Club, Harley Club runs 'dirt track' club days and invites Mitchell club to them. We have a reciprocal arrangement as we allow Harley members to ride at our mx days.

    If you contact Harley Club you can find out when they start back up again; They tend to stop running 'dirt track' events during Winter as the track gets too ripped-up.

    Regards, John
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  6. Thanks Jonny
    Im keen to have a crack as i havnt been on a dirt track for wel over 10 years. I wasnt thinking of fitting knobbies quite yet to my old Blade but I just bought a new stead for a bit of adventure riding.
    Old XR600 should keep me entertained for a bit

  7. Thanks mate! :)

    I'll be there. I read on that page you can buy membership there, so I can just rock up I'm guessing? :)

    I might grab a license too, I shoulda done one earlier this year, woulda saved some coin!
  8. Yep you can pay membership and get a one-day or 12 month rec licence on the day.
  9. Thanks Johnny, sorry to be a hassle

    Cya there!