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VIC [Recovered] 2008 Triumph Daytona 675

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by rdkls, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. [​IMG]
    Just spent almost a grand on new parts too :-(
    Taken from out the front of my place in Brunswick.
    Had the seat cowl (though stock exhaust - was preparing for RWC)

  2. Another triumph. Thieves seem to be targeting them cos they're the only decent, late model bike without chip key security. She's a beauty though, hope u get her back.
  3. Sounds like Triumph = Break the ignition barrel and she's yours

    Bad luck OP
  4. Scum.
    As Darren says 'another Triumph', i'd be chaining mine up to the bed at night.
    Fingers crossed for you, OP.
  5. Yeah crazy isnt it. My 2001 cbr600f4i had a chip key. A previous victim posted on here that his Trumpy was stolen in broad daylight in the CBD and ridden away by a guy with the chisel and hammer method in 10 seconds.
  6. Triumphs seem to have taken over from Harleys as the default bike of choice to steal.

    I hope you get it back ok, or you get a decent insurance payout...
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  7. Looks like the old disc locks might need dusting off again.....
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  8. So today I got a call from a constable in a divvie, they found the bike abandoned in St. Kilda, ignition broken, with gloves left on it (?!)
    Has been towed, going to check out tomorrow to decide on fix vs. insurance (though most likely the latter ...) Should probably mark as 'recovered'? (I can't see a way to do this myself)
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  9. Blame MYKI, the dropkicks used to ride the tram home without a ticket but now they can't so gotta steal your bike to get home.... ;)
    But seriously, glad it was found, I was worried there was a Triumph black market demand with all the Trumpys stolen lately, but this one was obviously a joyrider!
  10. You're relieved that joyriders can steal these (new & expensive) bikes willy nilly by just breaking the ignition barrel?
  11. Sorry, should have broken that into two statements... 1, I'm glad your bike was found. 2, I'm hoping there's not a black market active, I'm going to be getting a Triumph soon. 3, Plus.. from what I've read, Triumph standard security is non-existent so I'll be investing in some additional immobilisers! No offence was intended jmc.
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  12. Fantastic news about your recovery! We've got 3 Triumphs and all late models including the 675Street Triple R in our family. Can you please briefly and simply explain the operation of the trackers that you have so kindly referred to in the link above. [I find the Chinese to English conversions somewhat confronting at times]
    Do you track the vehicle via your phone or laptop.? And if this is the case how is that activated??

    Many Thanks
  13. Hey T2. Looks like steps are:
    - Plug device into obdii port
    - Get a SIM card and set up with data plan
    - Configure device using special SMS' (in manual)
    - Device sends/receives data to manufacturer's server (looks like it's possible to tell it to send to other servers too)
    - You can access/control from web or phone app, including live tracking (possibly other data via obdii too)
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  14. rdkls you're information is priceless!! I'm on to it..........Really greatly appreciate your kind assistance and taking the time to answer.....:]
  15. No worries, good luck T2!
  16. If anyone's interested, I got a look at it today and took some photos of what the bastard did.
    They had installed a switch on the side fairing to switch it on and off ....

    IMG_20141020_135825. IMG_20141020_135526. IMG_20141020_135336. IMG_20141020_135259.
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  17. planned to keep it for awhile i guess?

    glad you got it back mate.
  18. fcuking dogs
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