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VIC [Recovered] 1996 Honda VFR750

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by AntiSol, Sep 11, 2014.

  1. #1 AntiSol, Sep 11, 2014
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    My beloved 1996 Honda VFR750 was stolen from South Yarra today sometime between midday and 4:30pm.

    It's a 1996 model, red with black wheels. It has kangaroo whistles attached on the windscreen and front mudguard. It has some scratches on the right hand side of the fairing and the top left part of the fairing is broken where it attaches to the windscreen (i.e the red/black fairing is missing, windscreen undamaged). It has a yoshimura exhaust pipe which gives it a distinctive note (visible in photo). It has a gearsack rack but the rack was not attached (i.e just a bar at the rear). It's dirty - it looks like it's been ridden every day and not washed for years.

    Rego is <edit>

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  2. Bugger, pricks,
  3. Thanks. It was pretty much the last thing in the world that meant anything to me. Can't remember the last time I was this upset :(
  4. Sorry to hear this mate, there are some a-holes out there. We will keep an eye out for it, hope if is found and returned to you safely.
  5. I'll keep my eyes peeled. If I find it, can I smash the theiving pricks with a jimmy bar?
  6. Sorry to hear about the loss of your bike mate, hope it is found soon...

    it doesn't seem to be like the other bikes that have been stolen recently... possibly a joy rider?

    do you have insurance?
  7. Thanks for the replies, was really nice to refresh and see so many :)

    I don't condone violence against bike thieves, especially in writing on a public forum - that would be vigilantism - but if they should happen to fall onto your jimmy bar repeatedly, I'd call it poetic justice.

    Nah, no insurance - I'm $5k or so out of pocket.

    Luckily, I'm in a position where I'm able to replace it, but I don't know if I'll be happy with anything else - it'll be hard to replace for any amount of money - I think that my VFR750 is just about a perfect machine. I've been looking at VFR800s, but don't they all have ABS from 1997 onwards? eeew.

    It messes with me bigtime because I don't have a car, just the bike - I've got no transport anymore, and I live miles from anywhere these days, it's like 10km to the nearest train station.

    I did 70,000kms on that bike. I crossed the continent on it (pic in townsville in 2012, rode to port douglas and back). That bike was like my wife - I even wrote love songs about her:

    Her name is Vala. :(
  8. Nah mate. ABS wasn't available to Au VFR riders until the VFR1200 came along. You're probably thinking of combined brakes, which are frikken awful!
  9. aah yeah that's it - you put the front brakes on and it 'helpfully' applies the rear brakes for you. Yeah, it sounds awful - if I want my rear brakes on, I'll press the brake pedal, thank you very much.

    So it's noticeable then? Does it just feel weird when braking, or what? I seem to recall somebody trying to convince me it was a good thing before I bought the 750. They didn't succeed, obviously.
  10. You get used to it, but it's still a pain in the arse. Getting rear brakes withe the front isn't so bad, but getting front dive when you're dragging the rear for slow speed stuff is absolutely madenning! You can de-link them, but it costs money to buy parts from other bikes to do it. In any case, it's on my "one day" list of mods to do.
  11. Sorry to hear, mate, and even worse, yesterday I was looking at VFRs on eBay and prices have gone UP. People are asking stupid money for '95 - '96 models, one there is over $4,500. I hope you can find a replacement you can afford....
  12. Antisol, my essentially stock blue '95 is a few weeks out of NSW rego (in Albury) with only about 53 000 km and recently replaced (good) tyres/chain/sprockets, plus a luggage rack.

    I don't have it on the market, but if you're pining for another mechanically A1 4th Gen that isn't a basket case and needs nothing spent other than rego, I may consider selling it if it would be a hassle-free deal.

    Comprehensive insurance through QBE has been all of $22.85 a month for agreed value of 4 grand plus (I think $1500 of) gear.
  13. My mechanic (who I trust, he looks after me) has a VFR800 which he can sell me with only about 15,000kms on it. I'm thinking I'll get him to unlink the brakes on it as part of the deal.

    Wayned, that sounds like an interesting offer, let's discuss in private. I'll send you a PM.

    only $20/month?!? Last time I looked at bike insurance I was under 25 so they tried to screw me and I said "no, thanks". I haven't even considered insurance in the nearly 10 years since. If I'd known it could be that cheap, I'd have been all over it.

    The other thing that really annoys me is that all year I've been thinking about / planning building a raspberry pi type computer with 3G and GPS into it. If I'd been a bit less slack about that, I'd have the coordinates where it's at and I'd have just gone to get it last night, only stopping to buy a baseball bat.

    Yeah it's really slim pickings if you want a VFR750 on ebay these days. I had a bunch to choose from when I bought mine, now there are like 5 listed in all of vic. One of them has nearly $9000 on it!!!!!
  14. Whack it up here, you never know.

    Ok, so it wont allow the link to an FB page. Search 'Stolen Motorcycle Register Australia" on FB and post details about your bike.
  15. Apparently I'm the last facebook holdout... ;)
  16. not quite...
  17. UPDATE: My bike was found that night (the 11th) in braybrook and has been sitting at a towing company ever since. The cop took my number down wrong, so the first I heard about it was snail-mail last night. got it back this afternoon. She's in bad shape. Many things broken. Trying to decide what to do
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  18. Not good news, but I guess you at least have a choice now.

  19. Mixed news, great you got it back but sad to see it in a poor state. Let us know what your decision is. If you decide to restore then start a Projects thread, lots would be interested to see how you get on.
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  20. Sorry to hear your pride and joy is back, but damaged.