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Recording unit which requires an external camera?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Kernel, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. I'm on the hunt for a cheap bargain compact cam corder so that I can plug in a good quality external camera made for recording while on the bike. The thought occurred to me, maybe there's some good quality unit out there which doesn't actually have its own camera, but has a port for plugging one in as well as a microphone port? This would be the ideal device for me, marine grade (waterproof) would be icing on the cake but not a necessity, since I can waterproof the wiring myself and put the actual unit somewhere where it won't get wet.

  2. Just buy a GoPro or a Contour. Cheaper & all the hard work has already been done.
  3. Strap a CCTV camera with multiple cameras...lol
  4. Nope :)
  5. i don't understand. why not just go for a gopro/contour?
  6. too expensive, i have a line on a used french-made plug in motorcycle camera, very compact. if i can get a nice compact recording unit compatible with the camera for 50 bucks or less i'll be laughing.
  7. If you can get that for less than the cost of a GoPro, I will be very suprised.
  8. I think you're searching for something which may not be available mate....

    I assume you want to use a lipstick lens (or similar) with an older DAC (or similar) reel to reel recorder?
    I think that kind of hardware might be hard to come by.

    +1 GoPro (or similar)
  9. i will do my research on the type of connector that the plug in camera uses
    i will admit it is rather old
  10. It's not just the camera plug, it's what type of camera it is, what protocol it uses, what power it requires, etc.

    Sometimes, the easy way is easy for a reason. I think it will even be cheaper in this case.

    I'm prepared to be proven wrong though.
  11. Yeah - the reason why I'd research the camera's plug is to find out what sort of units it is compatible with and whether it is practical and financially reasonable to put a system like this together.
  12. Can you post a pic of your unit and the connector.