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VIC Recording device & restricted licence

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Zoobz, Feb 23, 2015.

  1. Sooo....

    ....been riding for almost 4 months now. Just did the test for my licence yesterday (... and passed).

    While filling out the paperwork at the end of the session, the instructor mentioned that recording devices for restricted licence holders (i.e. Learners & Probationary) was prohibited.

    I have had a GoPro on my bike even when on my L's, only because I was not aware. However, I couldn't find anything to that effect on NR, VicRoads or the Internet. I know a while back a rider was contesting a fine for the helmet mounted GoPro.

    Anyone here come across this info…?
  2. Didnt get mentioned yesterday when I was doing my L's.....Ill ask jthe folks that ran the course n find out.
  3. People say a lot of things... its probably this blokes pet peeve, so he uses his position to fill the heads of his students with falsehoods.

    if it is attached to your bike and your not playing with it while you are riding I don't think there is a single road rule you'd be breaking.
  4. The instructor probably got sick of all the vloggers and imaginary near-miss videos out there.
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  5. Yeah. It's attached to my bike. I commence recording before I ride off and stop recording when I stop. I dont play around with it at traffic lights etc.

    Just dont want to get busted doing the wrong thing...by a cop that just has grudge against riders.
  6. Ring the school back (which school) and raise a query with the person who answers the phone or ask to be put through the manager. You want to know what regulatory clause and requirement makes these restrictions? I want to know to. Learner drivers have their cars fitted with crashcams by concerned parents. I will take this up with Vicroads if there is such a prohibition.

    TTBOMK only PHONES that are restricted per stage 1 restrictions listed here: https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/lic...t/a-new-motorcycle-graduated-licensing-system
  7. I had a Highway patrol biker rock up to work the other day and took the chance ask a few questions in regards to Learners restrictions.

    He advised me in regards to GPS, Phones and cameras...
    GPS. as long as its on the bars of bike and your not touching it its ok.
    Phones Same as GPS, No touchy and as long as u cant make a call with it (bluetooth ect) Can be looked at only. No audio
    Cameras, same old same old. If its not on the helmet its all cool.

    Comms equipment is still a big NO NO for learners ect...

    I HOPE that info is right as it came from a highway patrol cop riding a motorcycle
  8. I'm not seeing the logic behind this, aside from 'mis'using it for music/ calls..
    If you're learning and you're out with someone, what better than being told what you're doing wrong/ what you could be doing instead while you're doing it... not 500m up the road.
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  9. Agree 100% to be honest. I ride with a mate. 5 mins go by and we end up at a set of lights and then i get a list of that iv done wrong... Would have been nice to know when i did something wrong.

    But hey iv not seen Logic in anything police/vicroads have done in a long time :)

    But law is the law hey :/
  10. Thanks for the replies. I think I'll take a chance a ride with the gopro, as it just sits on tom of my tank.
  11. I thought that at first too. But after having thoroughly read the VicRoads site and asking on here, I'm firmly of the opinion that there is absolutely no problem with using intercoms we use them for coaching purposes for me. So much so that I would argue it in Court if I were fined. I'm yet to ask an actual law enforcement officer, but plan too. I would suspect that it would depend on what sort of mood they're in on the day ;) My phone also does not have bluetooth capabilities so they can't even get me for that.

    The restrictions specifically applies to mobile phone use, I copied this from the VicRoads website:

    Mobile phone use

    Anyone issued with a restricted licence from 1 October 2014 will not be permitted to use a mobile phone, either hand-held or hands-free, for any purpose while the motorcycle is moving or stationary in traffic. Note that this includes not being permitted to use functions like playing music or using the phone for navigation. They can use the phone whilst legally parked. This rule already applies to all learner permit and probationary licence holders.

    When I get my licence I will be on a restricted licence for 3 years, so no phone use for me for that time. However I don't actually care, 'cause I hardly ever use my phone, most of the time the battery's flat anyways.
  12. A mobile phone is a handy tool to have in your toolkit on a ride.

    I don't think there is a learner restriction on helmet comms. I can't find anything in the regs that would support such a restriction.
  13. Not this again. I've trawled though the road laws and I still can't find anything that prohibits intercom, or audio except where it's hosted by a phone for L/Ps.
    I guess the first question (asked politely) would be which rule you are being charged under.
  14. That's my reading too. L's and P's cannot use a mobile phone as a navigation aid, even hands free. A GPS is acceptable though.
  15. Yeah your right, Vicroads says no phone at all. But no mention of intercom. Well its good to know the police dont even know the laws that they punish us with.
  16. Well done Sir.

    "I'm a new rider fresh out of the womb and think my opinion is gold - to this end, I will spout shit and ride like a gumby whilst commenting on every other road user."

    Axe to the face.
  17. I just ride through my friendly neighbourhood booze bus. While waiting for a hold up i asked the female copper. She said intercom would be fine with her as she uses one also, She also admitted she rides with a tinted visor as well lol.

    So i guess its just one of those laws that changes depending on how the cops day is going :/