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Record a ride, with video, map, speed, combined

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Roy Boy, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. A few mates of mine have been doing some good work putting together a site that lets you combine video and gps easily, www.veogeo.com - then play it back synced - so you end up with a video of your route, played along with a moving marker on a map that shows where you were.

    You just need anything that will record a video that you can upload to a site like youtube, and a gps that has a tracklog, and be able to get the track off it in a .gpx format (which is quite standard). It also works out your speed and altitude from the gps and shows that along with the video and map.

    Confused? Check this out, Iwent around mt cootha last weekend:

    The sync is a bit out at the start, but that's because my gps is dying I think. Hence the weird crap at the end of the track hehe.

    I originally posted this in the track days thread, but really it's more appropriate for the 'regular joe' rider, it's aimed at the general community rather than the track day rev heads :wink: there may be a particular stretch of your favourite road you want to document, or just have some fun with it :)
  2. What if your not recording the whole trip? Does this work if your only recording segments of your trip?
  3. I guess in that case, each segment would come out as a separate playback.

    As part of the sync-ing process that you do on the site though, say you have 10 minutes of video and only 5 minutes of GPS, you can sync the start time of the gps to where it corresponds to the video, so the video will play all the way through, and the moving marker on the GPS will only display as the video passes through that part of the route.
  4. Thats pretty interesting. Now if I only had a GPS system :roll:

    Though you better hide that video from the cops before they book you for going 963 km/h :LOL: :tantrum:
  5. Great way to put someone to sleep ;)
  6. Mt cootha looks so much more interesting on that little screen than it really is... maybe it's because it looks like your going faster.
  7. "Your Honour, the crown would like to present as evidence in this matter ....."

    Interesting work Roy Boy but I think I prefer to be a bit more discreet. :)