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Recommended suspension setup service

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by trd2000, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Can anyone recommend a place for setting up stock suspension?

    most bikes seem to come with variable suspension these days which in its default doesn't necessarily work its best for aussie riders and aussie roads (i weigh more than max biagi and ride on dubious surfaces)

    I've heard of guys saying "oh joe from moes bikes racing was at the track and he tweaked this and that and now it's brilliant!" but where do we go for this service?
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  2. Someone will eventually tell you to tell them what city you're in. But that won't be me.
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  3. lol sorry <<dumbass. thought it was already on my profile.

    Melbourne would be handy.
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  4. Luke @ sixtydegrees.com.au can look after you.
  5. chads offroad in geelong.
  6. Paul at Motologic is your man. :)
  7. +1 for Paul at Motologic, he's a genius with suspension and if you're just looking to tweak the stock settings, then I'd highly recommend him - he set up my ninja for me and it's been brilliant.

    I'm going to go to suspensions r us for a full rebuild probably next year ... heard nothing but good things about them, but I thought they were more about replacement / rebuild than just setting compression & rebound damping etc. Could be wrong there.
  8. Just got my rear shock rebuilt and heavy duty spring and forks upgraded(now able to handle man size loads) by Peter at Pro Mecha, bloody big difference in handling and very good price.
  9. I bought a Wilbers shock from ASR (asr.com.au) at Dromana, but he MAY only be a reseller, not an actual mechanic. Give them a call, they're nice people...
  10. Anyone in Sydney or better yet, on the Central Coast know where to go for suspension setup and service?
  11. I wish I could remember, there's a real high-end suspension guru, used to live somewhere on the old Pacific Highway (?) but now is based on the central coast

    Sydney Suspension Services??? dunno,.....
  12. also after someone in sydney!!
  13. Shock treatment (Terry Hay) in Wallacia. Backyard operation but knows his stuff.

    I need to get out and do my Ninja as well, I have the 06 too!
  14. Terry Hay's Shock Treatment is hardly a 'Backyard' operation!! (n) He and staff have a huge facility, for what they do. Sure, it is in the back blocks, even rural edge, of Sydney's west - but right there at his front door is a fabulous variety of road and dirt conditions for testing. :geek:
  15. I didnt mean that derogatory more descriptive
  16. e-mailed Izzy before Xmas and he's quoting me $50 for 1/2 an hour to set up suspension.
  17. Anyone had anything to do with Well Sprung on the Central Coast ?
  18. Nobody heard of them at all ?