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Recommended stores for modifications!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by AmanK, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. Rather then going to crappy stores that stock low quality goods, or stores that provide quality goods for the highest possible price.
    What are the store that you've gone to and think its worth going to agian as the service, quality and price were all of an acceptable level.
    Can be for any mods or repairs you had done such as: Seats, Clear Tail Lights, Engine Mods, Head Light work, Good tyre store, Grips.. anything and everything that you think is worth knowing to help fellow riders out pretty much.

  2. Cycle Source in Brampton Canada is pretty good
  3. Mischief Makers at Brunswick for frame chopping/changing and electrical stuff.

    Carl at Cafe Racer near Bathurst for anything engine related at all.
  4. Autobahns
  5. fulleh sik brah
  6. Where's a decent price tyre shop?
  7. Maybe I wasn't being sarcastic enough.
    Where are you?
  8. Im from Melbourne...
  9. You will get more help if you placed your location in your user CP and also made yourself welcome in the welcome forums.
    It's sort of rude to just come in unannounced with very loosely based questions that make it difficult for people to answer.
  10. My apologies ment i no harm. ill update my profile soon providing the location and other info.
    thanks for your help :)