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Recommended Service Place in Pakenham?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by BottledWater, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. I was wondering if anyone has someone they would recommend to do the schedule servicing on my bike in the Pakenham or close area? Would need to be able to do Saturdays or be able to loan me a bike as I use the bike to get to work and don't own a car.

  2. You will be very hard pressed to find a shop who will loan you a bike!
  3. Yeah but i'll throw it out there anyway. If I can't find a place i'll just get my bike serviced where I used to it's just a hassle of a drive.
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  4. there is stuff all around the area..

    PowerHouse as above is about the only one I know of
  5. Thanks bob.

    AUS-ESPAUS-ESP Yeah sure there are plenty but rather than go to them through trial and error and work out who is decent and who is crap I am using the wonders of the internet to ask for the experience of other users.

  6. Sorry what I meant to say was there are places outside of Pakenham BUT they are the only one I know in Pakenham :)

    I wish we had stuff closer as I'm also in Pakenham
  7. Yeah was easier when I was living in Lilydale. Hands-On Kawasaki was a 2 minute walk from my house.