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Recommended Repair Shops in Eastern Suburbs (Montrose)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Slider, May 12, 2005.

  1. Hi guys...

    Bad news...I've put the RGV down :( ...even worse...its the second time around! :roll:

    Can anyone recommend a good quality repairer out my way Montrose/Lilydale/Bayswater???

    I've seen Piston Broke in Bayswater as I've ridden past before and always wanted to check them out....anyone know if they are any good?


  2. Boss Cycles, Montrose, 10 Emery Lane, call 0412 043 134

    Ummmmhhh....rather check them out for some aftermarket parts or a helmet or replacement mirrors for a CT110 or such... if you have to.
  3. I had a dodgy experience with Piston Broke when I was looking for a new bike. Went there because I saw a bike that I thought looked reasonable online. Test rode it etc. All ok during the ride except for the fact that the speedo cable was broken. When quizzed about this the guy said "that was the way it arrived, but it doesn't matter much - I'll put a new one on if you buy it at no cost". Doesn't matter? It means the guy could have done an extra 40 000 k's on the bike than the odometer read (and judging by the condition of the bike I wouldn't be surprised if it had). A second problem was the the foot pegs were leaning very far forwards and the guy at PB essentially said 'all bikes go like that after a while'. ???

    But that was my experience...
  4. Repairs

    Probably will end up being a job for the insurance boys! Took out the top fairing and bracket, instrument bracket,cut the front brake line...should be easily over the $400 excess! :oops:
  5. I've only ever had good results dealing with piston broke. For repairs check out Mike at OCD Racing (Oakleigh) for inhouse bracket & glass work as well as the mechanicals! 0408 491 668.
  6. BOSS Motorcycles

    Thanks MartyH and Bondgirl...I decided to go do and have a chat with Pete...great bloke...anyways was quite comfortable leaving my pride and joy with him...now its up to RACV ....hopefully, i'll be back (again) in around 2 weeks :wink:

    Will keep you guys posted on how it all goes...I know we've all had troubles trying to find a good wrench :)