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Recommended places to get Yoshi online

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by arc, May 22, 2009.

  1. Seem to be quite a few folks selling them in Australia but at a fairly hefty price tag, do folks have recommended online stores which you've bought Yoshi pipes from?


  2. What exactly are you after?
    (Please don't say you want to spend hundreds of dollars on a slip-on for your 250...)
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  4. Hmmmm, you got me, that's exactly what I was thinking of doing :D. I'm planning to keep the bike for a long time and was looking at giving it a bit more low end grunt without going overboard with a full system.

  5. Hehe. Thought so!

    Hey, I can't bag you, I thought the same thing when I got mine. If you want to, go for it, but I'd personally recommend saving the money for an upgrade when you can - you'll get a lot more low end (and top end!) from an extra 350cc...

    So many say they want to keep the learner bike for a few years, but few do. The temptation is pretty full-on...

    After all that, I'm actually no help with your original question! Sorry!
  6. I apologise if i may be hi-jacking this thread. And if i am please let me know and i'll create my own.

    I was wondering, is there much of a market out there for second hand exhausts? And if there is, could someone please give me some advice on where to look? Other than Ebay :)
  7. it's actually morepowerracing.com.au i think

    it says .au but it's based in the uS
  8. eBay and Trading Post have bits and pieces, not a helluva lot. Other classifieds like Gumtree etc might be worth a look. I've just sold my used RS-3 on eBay. They're something that is often damaged pretty badly and pretty easily in crashes, so people don't bother trying to get money for them I guess.
  9. I did pretty extensive search on ebay and ended up getting can for my Bandit 12 from these guys.
    Cheapest I could get in Oz was around 850$. Yeah ago I paid 400$ on my doorstep.
    Having said that I would never buy another Yoshi and would go local, likes of staintune or same as my old Remus can over a Yoshi. More robust package.
  10. Certainly is based in the US, its wear i get all my parts from
    www.morepowerracing.com :wink:
    Dont worry about a yoshi pipe, there is better pipes out there and better prices. get something better! Shop around mate.
  11. I have a Carbon Fibre Yoshi slip-on on my 2008 Ninja250R.
    I do like it alot! :) Love the sound of it but... Slip on's don't do shit except up your wank factor. I still love it, it looks nice sounds nice.

    You need full exhaust for any power gains.

    Got mine off eBay Motors from the US costed around $900AUD landed (I kinda bought at a bad time)
  12. I was going to save but now we gotta have the LAM's bikes for 3 years (damn NSW) i got a pipe for mine :grin:
  13. I'm in the same boat, let me know if you find a cheap store.
  14. Dude's,

    forget about the yoshi's for a 250.

    Go see Ken at Megacycle (his details are searchable) and get a brilliant quality hand/Aussie made exhaust for your bike.

    A yoshi is going to offer you bugger all performance gain and you will be shelling out your hard earned simply for bragging rights that you have a yoshi on your bike.

    Don't get me wrong, those that knew what my ZX6R sounded like and those that can still hear the ringing in their ears from the RS3's on the SP1 will attest, they sound amazing on a bike bigger than a 250.

    The Megacycles are built in Cheltenham by Ken who is a local racer and if they need re-packing, well, just ride over to Cheltenham.

    From memory, a can will cost you ~$500 (I could be wrong though)
  15. I like Vic's suggestion, however, if you're still fixated on Yoshi :cool: then perhaps consider sending an email to 'RidersDiscount'. They've been brought up in conversation a few times in here recently.
    Just google them & when you're on the website, send them an email regarding your particular Yoshi pipe. The gentleman you want to address this email to is Chris Knight.
    They will ship whatever is on their online catalogue (exhausts aren't..shows their versatility) right to your doorstep, worldwide, for a one-off postage fee of US$25. Mind you, if you decide to add more items to an existing order, the same (one off) postage fee applies !
    Are they good ? Just emailed them with my 3rd order. They're TOPS.
    PM me for any further details. Good luck.