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Recommended motorcycle service east melbourne?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Wiggie, May 23, 2009.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I have a Honda CBR125RR and it's up for its 12,000 km service. I have been quoted $580 by Peter Stevens for the service but am wondering if there are more reasonably priced and decent places I can get my bike serviced?

    Thank you

  2. Hey Wiggie,

    I take my bike to MadBiker in Ferntree Gully.

    Hes name is Bret.

    (03) 9758-7162

    I highly recomend him. Very nice guys, and he is very fussy how he does things. I know when he serviced my 929, i thought that he replaced the chain and sprokets when i picked it up, but he just cleaned and lubed it. I looked like brand new.

    Hope this helps.
  3. used metro honda in ringwood and its been OK if you want to stick with dealers. also like brett
  4. Cool, thanks guys !!

    I will check them both out and see what they quote me.
  5. Some of those links go back to 2004.
  6. Ask around, it might be more worthwhile to try and find somebody nearby to give you a hand.

    Can't imagine there is anything like $580.00 worth of work involved. Maybe I'm a tightarse, but that's all the tools and a fair bit of spare change if you wanted to do valves, filters, oil, bleed the brake lines etc.
  7. And?

    I just searched for "service" "eastern" "melbourne"... how hard is to do that, find a shop with good things said about it, then look it up with Yellow Pages if there isn't a link in the thread? If it no longer exists (which it should if it was good) find another one.
  8. PS @ ringwood has a neat job
  9. A1 Motorcycles on the nepean are pretty damn good. They call you before they do anything to make sure it's ok to go ahead and do a great job too.
  10. Whilst on topic, can anyone vouch for Dynoverks ?

    The Gixa's coming up to its 6k service..I'll ONLY take it to a reputable service center, who will look after my pride and joy, as their own.

    Thanks gals n guys.
  11. I take my CBR125 to Metro Honda. I find they do a good job, and it always feels good afterwards.

    They are not too expensive either.
  12. I'd recommend either Metro Honda, Ringwood, or Brett Harrington of Mad Biker, Ferntree Gully. Incidentally, Brett used to be (head?) mechanic at Metro Honda, until he started up his own shop last year. See his website here.

    Yeah, thought to myself it must have taken him ages to get the chain that clean!!!
  13. what does the manual say for a 12k service? just oil/filter, and check everything else, or much more involved? seriously, get along to a spanner night, and learn to do it yourself. its piss easy, and $580 i would expect a major service, with some parts replaced included, and some fullll on inspecting/adjusting being done, not just a few basic things.

    dont get ripped off :)
  14. A 12k on a CBR125 would include a valve check. This can be tricky without the right tool, and can require quite alot of removing of stuff to get to that point.

    I tried to do the 24k valve check on my ZZR250. After about 2 hours of figuring out what to remove (seat; grab handle; fairings, front and rear; fuel tank including disconnecting fuel lines; spark plug boots; CDI units; left and right radiator frames; radiator fan; rocker cam cover), I had a five minute look at how bloody small everything was in the top end and decided I would leave it to someone who had purchased the $80 Kawasaki valve clearance feeler and tappet screw adjuster.

    Then in the process of putting it all back together again, I unwittingly put the left and right radiator frames back on the wrong way, with the bolts incorrectly tensioned, which my mechanic kindly pointed out after I had the bike serviced with him.

    You've also got to balance the carbs after you check the valve clearances, then do everything you would for a minor service.

    Minor services I'll do, majors .... someone else can deal with all that!!! :LOL:

    FYI Wiggie, my ZZR250 major at 12k cost roughly $340 with Metro Honda (serviced by Brett) in July 2008, and the major at 24k cost $340 with Mad Biker (serviced by Brett) in May 2009. Unless there are some scheduled replacements of some pretty serious parts, I think PS have overquoted you.
  15. Yeah hes a top bloke.
  16. sixty degrees in Notting Hill. Chris from Redwing Honda has set up his own workshop there.

  17. I concur :grin:
  18. any other votes or views for Metro honda as a dealer?
  19. I bought my RVF400 from there and thought they were pretty dam good all round.