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Recommended Motor Bike Transport

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Conny!, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm in Melbourne right now but am looking at getting a 250 in Darwin as i work up there intermittenly and my father would probably mess around with it up there too.

    But the market up there seems pretty crap, so i am considering getting a cheap 250 down here and shipping it up. So anyone know of a good transport company that will ship to Darwin and include crating. I've contacted motorcycle logistics but i was wondering if anyone know of others?

    Also if you are in melbourne and want to sell me a cheap 250 -around $3.5K mark- let me know. :)
    Not concerned with what it is as long as its comfy and not a cruiser :p
  2. Try,


    I have used them before and they are very good. It's not cheap though. To ship one bike 'door to door', from Brisbane to Perth cost $860 (including insurance).
  3. i've contacted motorcycle logistics and they quoted $960 without discount, but they did say they honour the netrider discount, making it $864

    Bikes only is $884. So i guess i'm looking at around that figure. I was just wondering if anyone had some testimonials.
  4. I can get your bike to Perth for $530.00 incl. GST.
    If you know of any person or company that goes to Darwin from Perth, it may work out cheaper. Darwin is a difficult place to service!
    I will need the bike crated though (any bike shop will do it for a small fee).


    Darren. :wink:
  5. Rather than testimonials, maybe check what their insurance covers...

    Good luck.

    PS. i will be using these guys to transport my bike to Brisbane from Geelong... About $410.......