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Recommended mechanic - north eastern suburbs

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Sir Lancelot, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. I'm looking to find a reliable/recommended mechanic in the North Eastern suburbs. Specifically I'm in Greensborough, something close by would be great.

    Need a mechanic for 1st service as well as subsequent services etc.

    Didn't find a particular thread already for this region.
  2. Redwing honda?
  3. I was about to say the same. Theres a couple of shops near red wing honda. Theres also a few shops down that services yamaha.
  4. Theres a place in Thomastown on Settlement Rd thats supposed to be good as well.
    A mates son does some work experience there, they seem like pretty cool guys.
  5. I dont rate redwing honda at all, very ordinary I found, theres a place a few doors down called ace motorcycles or something, apparently the old bloke there does a good job.
  6. I find that he does an ok job. If he does it him self and I think it's mood dependent as well. I used to go through them until I had to try and do a few stuff my self coz going to a shop with every problem is costing me too much..
  7. +1 to that. Try Stafford Yamaha are a couple of doors down, I've always had great service from them. :)
  8. Cool, thanks guys, I'll do the ring around and get a few quotes, perhaps visit the shops too.