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Recommended course for getting into adventure riding (Brisbane region)

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' at netrider.net.au started by PAK, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    Just wondering if anyone has feedback or suggestions on a good training provider for getting into adventure riding. Am just looking for somewhere to do a day or two riding training on the techniques etc to get into adventure riding (specifically dirt and offroad skills). I've clocked up three years of daily commuting (80km) and a few longer road rides (eg Bris-Syd) and am on a DL650A. I've also had a few years in 4x4 and quadbike experience.

    Any suggestions appreciated.

  2. Look for someone offering a trials rider course. i think stayupright did one.

    Otherwise, go out and fall off on the dirt until you learn how not to...
  3. We did our own crash course...we found that a very effective way to learn. The bikes were fitted with crashbars first, then off we went! Sorry, can't help with a course...
  4. buy a tour-enduro offroader (XR650R) .. and start riding it offroad!

    Wear the correct gear of course, get used to the bike and get used to offroad. Also get used to the extra punishment your body will absorb.

    You'll get used to it.. just start doing it and you'll learn, there are some stickies in the offroad section of this forum that would help ya too.

    But get a friend and start doing it. Its what I did. I haven't been injured yet, have had an absolute blast!
  5. Yup,or a budget priced DR650...
  6. Yeah, I've been thinking about adventure/dirt training courses too, to enable a transition to a more adventure-touring oriented vehicle.

    I've got a decent mountainbiking background behind me which seems to confound things; a lot of the dirt training courses I've found seem to be VERY basic. :S (But then, my mountainbike doesn't weigh >150kg...) I guess it couldn't hurt anyway.
  7. i do honestly believe that you should just get out there and try start slow and build ya self up and the moto i live buy is if its a dirtbike a few drops is good for its character.
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  9. Hi Spots
    I dont get on here to much I'm mostly on advrider, if you want to get involved with some off road riding check out the snail trail rides I'd highly recommend them, easy low paced/no preasure novice rides.
    This is a link to my last decent ride. (writeup by my riding buddy Nazza)
    I was the one on the sachs madass
    If you want to catchup for some slow paced easy rides let me know, Nazz and myself often go for a ride, and are currently working on her sand riding ability for our next ride west (we are on the sunshine coast)
  10. I'd also reiterate, http://adventurerider.com.au/

    I have done one of his sand riding classes and was a real benefit for me, was all stuff I already knew but 20+ years of road riding my dirt skills were a little rusty, got me back up to speed (literally) no probs. The guys name is Todd and he is really knowledgeable and very patient.
    You could also find Todd on advrider user name TKsmith