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Recommendations to a first time buyer?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by cenithx, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. Hi all,

    Found this site through google, seemed to be the best site around as far as information etc..

    Most my friends are bike riders, as is half my family, but till now i've been into the whole car thing .. but now i've decided to make the switch .. finally.

    I need help finding a suitable bike though, to get me through my learners and until I save up enough to get a decent bike after that (will realistically take me another year or so after i finish my learners)

    I'm a pretty big bloke (6'4, 100kg).. more into harley's and so forth.. but for my learners wouldn't mind something sporty and closed..

    I been looking at ZZR250s, CBR250s, etc.. but having never ridden a bike I need advice!

    Anything you can give me would help.. and i'm open to any bike really as long as it's learner legal, comfy for a big bloke, and sporty.

    Thanks :)
  2. Welcome to the forum. There's always room for one more!

    I bought my first bike 2 weeks ago. It's a Red Honda VTR250.

    I looked at the Honda CB250 and nearly got that, but found the VTR to be just that bit more comfortable.

    Being as tall as you are, you won't have any trouble touching the ground with any bikes. Just make sure your bike is comfy to sit on and to ride. Don't want those knees up around your ears! Check out the Bike Trader magazine (in all good newsagencies). They have ads from bike shops all over Oz. Try to find one that specialises in 250's and go sit on everything till you find something you like. Sit on as many as possible, and eventually you will find the one for you.
  3. The VTR250 is an awesome little bike.

    Just think, when it grows up it may turn into an SP1/SP2
  4. I heard with the new laws here in new south that learners can have bigger-than-250 bikes.. I saw the list and the names mean nothing though.. are any of the bigger bikes on the list actually worth checking out? I might start googling each name in the list one by one :p
  5. NSW have a power to weight ratio for learners. (I think)

    Not sure of the details, but check out the RTA website - they might have some info there.
  6. It's called LAMS (Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme).

    It's a power to weight ratio.

    Meaning that you can ride any suz.....any suzu......
    oh bugger it! any gutless bike :shock:
  7. Heh so I should just stick to the regular learner 250 sports bikes?

    I've started googling the list from the RTA site and they (the bigger bikes) all seem to be old tourer style bikes and stuff..

    I think i've narrowed it down to ZZR250, CBR250, or possibly a yamaha virago (though I only just found a pic of this one and have never seen it in real life or heard anything about it.. opinions welcome)
  8. Well that's a wide range! The Virago is definitely a yamaharley. Though it sounds more like a sewing machine. It is pig slow but might give you that extra leg room you require.

    As far as the little sports bikes go, Honda is usually always top quality but you will pay for it. The ZZR is also a great bike and you might be able to pick one up a fair bit cheaper than the CBR.
  9. What sort of ride-difference is there between the cbr and the zzr? as far as comfort, peformance, etc?

    Sitting on them, I found the zzr more comfortable.. but the cbr looks a lot better.

  10. It has to be a Firestorm first Vic :) It may just decide it's happy being a road going V-twin mono monster!! 8)

  11. Welcome to the forum! do the rounds of the 2nd hand bike shops park your arse if it feels comfy investigate further! I'm 5'10" 65kg I ride a Honda CB250 92 model I love him & he compensates for a crappy nervous nellie rider!
  12. This is going to seem completely out of left field, however you say you have never riden a bike?? If that be the case I would look at a trail bike, it is legal to ride on the road, you being 6'plus it would give you plenty of room and as you have little experiance the seatting position (up right) gives you a better sence of control.
  13. another option is the hysung aquillia , looks like a harley , very big big , but will pull a big bloke quiet easily and very reliable too

    with a 110+ kg man , eaisly cruise at 135kph , and zippy enough around the city , also they are not small like the other cruiser style bikes they are quiet big .
  14. Hi and welcome to the forums.

    :D :D
  15. Are they learner legal?
  16. yes , 250cc cruiser
    i can put you intouch with someone who owns one and you can chat with him about them .
    they are a great bike for big blokes.
    if you want to contact him , PM me and i will give you his contact details .
  17. Why is vic stalking my posts in this thread? :twisted:
  18. Ah, groberts, I think that half the point of this forum is to encourage people to ride safely, not hoon down the Great Western Highway at 135kph! Like, hello - learner rider and there are lots of speed cameras and police in western sydney! And, yeah, the highway speed limit in NSW is 110kph! :roll:
  19. ZZR250 or VTR250 - both nice reliable bikes usually

    i wouldnt bother with a CB250, virago, or anything with one cylinder as you will most likely find them sluggish after a while.

    CBR250 you might find a bit cramped

    Across - no doubt you'll get some opinions on those from people on the forum heh
  20. It appears your a NSW person like me so we get to ride the big(ger) boys to start. The Learner approved motorcycle scheme (LAMS) allows a variety of bikes. It
    a) has to be under 650cc (so not quite ANY gutless bike vic)
    b) must still meet the power to weight (p/w) ratio

    Check out the list cause some 250's (the aprillia racy one i think) dont meet the p/w.


    Be warned, a lot appear to be older bikes but if you want a late model there's
    - Yamaha XVS650 cruiser (check out the yamy web site)
    - a ducati 620(lite) a hot little bike that has been powered down (sacrilige????) to meet LAMS, BUt do you really want to explain to people that your ducati is a pussy-tat :?: :oops:
    If you want a naked road the Suzuki gs500 or GS500F (with fairing) and Kawasaki ER5 are both legal.

    I started on the GS500 (my first bike EVER!!!) and have yet to say hello to a wall, BUT didn't test ride anything else (probably not wise but im an impatient little b**ch).

    Good luck and have fun!!!! :D