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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by trooper15, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    I've just recently sent my motorcycle for a little checkup - my mechanic has recommended that I should really trade in and get myself something newer..

    A little background - I got myself a 1988 Honda Spada to learn on and *cross fingers* pass my P's...

    So taking into account what my mechanic has suggested.. I got online to bikesales and filtered on Dealer bikes...

    I inquired and got a call from Trevor Jordan Motorcycles (Wollongong) and got a deal that sounds too good..

    My question is.. Has anyone bought from Trevor Jordan Motorcycles.. good? bad?:unsure:

    If bad - please recommend/suggest other good motorcycle dealers who can do good deals...
  2. I've been to them several times to get my 89 spada done as I have no time to look after it.
    Their servicing is quite fast but I think the cost a bit expensive but no complaint as I didnt buy the bike from them :p
    Carmelita is a very helpful staff there . She help me get some idea about buying new bikes.almost trade my spada in until they quoted it for only $700.....
    I almost buy CB400 latest model from them but I got myself another offer elsewhere ( I get non ABS instead ).

    I can say they have huge range of bikes there and you will have more option to choose. They have test ride models so when you pop in you can test ride them.

    What kind of bike you have in mind ?
  3. Why has your mechanic suggested that you get something newer?
  4. What Mick said. What's wrong with your Spada?
    Mine's from 89 and still going strong, wouldn't dream of trading her in!
  5. Toh89 - I was looking at the Honda CBR250R (non-ABS) - Trevor Jordan quoted my Spada for $500 trade in - now I'm thinking maybe I should wait until I find out more on what's wrong with the Spada before I trade in or replace it..

    Mick -he has found a leak which he will show me this weekend, so he says I will spend more to have it fixed..

    Nina - I know I haven't had mine that long but I love my little Spada.. Apparently there's a leakage and to get to the bottom of it my mechanic needs get right inside to see why this is happening..
  6. I'd rather have a Spada than a new CBR250
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  7. I'd rather keep spada than trade in for only $500. Old bikes always have some problem due to their age and they need extra care.

    If you are someone with less experience with machine ,I would suggest you to avoid keeping old bike for long period of time.

    It works for me for a while when I rolled with old spada but when my job was getting busier , having it fixed by myself was something impossible.

    If you are not hurry , i suggest you sell your spada for around +-$2500 while it still in good shape.

    I bought my spada for $1700 and sold at $2300 but I did so many things before I sold so I say it just not really profitable better than trade in.

    Anyway, I think if you have more confident with motorbike maneuver then you should go for CB500F or CBR500R(47bhp) than CBR250(23bhp) as they handling are the same - very nimble but bigger brother has more power and will serve you longer so you may not need to upgrade anymore.
    I rode CBR500R before but didn't own it , it is more comfortable than spada and still more comfortable than cbr250r for a small guy like me (5'6")

    I'd like to suggest you to have a look at CB400 but it will be too expensive and too powerful (52 bhp).
    Depends on your budget and your liking anyway.