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Recommendations from a Melbournian?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by kate, May 9, 2016.

  1. I am looking for recommendations on good bike and gear shops close to Melbourne city - or at least close enough to get to via public transport or taxi. While I am visiting Melbourne I am hoping to find a one stop shop to try on (and hopefully purchase) all of my new riding gear. Somewhere with a good range of women's gear is just what I need. I am also hoping to test ride an MT07 while I am in Melbourne. Any recommendations of good Yamaha dealers that are not too much of a trek from town would be great.

    I am also wondering what the best way to transport a helmet back home would be. Are they permitted on carry-on luggage? I don't think I want to risk it in check-in as I am worried about it getting dropped and thrown about, but posting it may be just as bad.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi katekate, places like Peter Stevens in the city will have the gear you need. They might even package it all up and send it home for you. I assume you will not go shopping on your own, you should have a friend, someone who know a little about bikes as well. Are you looking at buying a bike in Melbourne too? They may have the MT07 in stock as well. There are good shops away from the CBD with gear, but they are a fair way from the city. Also, be aware that the traffic in the city may be confronting if you are not used to it, so test ride locally if you can (ha!, you say, that's why I need the gear).
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  3. Are you staying in the city? Or if not, which suburb?

    Helmet on carry-on should be fine if yuh don't have another bag, but I would check your airlines regs to be sure.
  4. katekate how long you here in melbs for?
    If you wanna go "shopping", hit me up! :) I've got sometime to kill during the week since weather is too shitty to ride! I gotta go to PS anyhow to pick up some gear I can't get in the Gold Coast!

    Peter Stevens in the city is about 50m from the train station and has a good range.
  5. Peter Stevens in the city is reasonable. As far as I know they have the greatest range of anywhere in Melbourne. I've found their bike sales staff to be a bit of a pain to deal with, especially if you want to buy a used bike, but reasonably helpful in terms of gear. City Yamaha is right next door as well.

    Brighton Bikes n Bits is my go to shop these days. It's a bit further out from the city but it is possible to get there on public transport. A bit of a PITA though. Very good service though. They went above and beyond to help me with my crashed bike and told me how to best deal with insurance. When I went to them to get a new helmet the sales rep spent a good thirty to forty mins with me helping me try on various helmets and explaining what I should be looking for. Unfortunately due to the size of the shop they're in I don't think they have the same range as peter stevens and they only keep demo helmets on hand. You go in and figure out which helmet suits you best, then they order it in, in the colour you chose. So that might not work for you. Good chance they could organise shipping for you though.

    A1 Motorcycles in Ringwood are very good to deal with in terms of bike sales, but I haven't bought any gear from them. It looked like they had a fairly decent range but I wasn't looking to hard. I've got no idea how to get there on public transport though.

    I can't say I know much about the Yamaha dealers in Melbourne. City Yamaha seemed alright when I went in to talk to them, but I was only in there a few mins to have a sit on a couple of bikes.
  6. I bought my MT09 from the guys at city Yamaha. No complaints.

    Bike was delivered exactly as had been agreed, on time and full of fuel.

    That's more than I can say about PS who managed to cock up delivery by 6 weeks and nearly had my run out of fuel in the fist 10 kms.
  7. Peter Stevens will have everything but can be expensive. Not many "budget" brands. But they will deal, especially if you are buying a lot. Do your homework before you go there, or at least look at their on line store. Go mid week if you can.
    Their clearance stuff tends to be out in Ringwood where they have pop up sales from time to time. Quite a trip out there. Yamaha place is next door to them in Elizabeth St. AMX is out in the suburbs and has a funny mix of stuff. Bikemart in Ringwood are good, especially if you need advice.
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  8. Having a serious seniors moment cant remember the name but there is a new bike place at 121 Frankston Dandenong road that has a great range of gear open Sundays as well
  9. Bike Mart in Ringwood (not too far from the station) are good.
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