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Recommendations for what to pack?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by StemCell00, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. (Not sure of this is the right place to post this)

    I am planning a 7-10 day ride around NSW South Coast & Victoria and have noticed a lack of 'What to pack gudies', so I thought I'd post my list of stuff to take & also look for some input or suggestions.

    I have a Honda CX 500 with a set of panniers & a rear bike bag - so a fair amount of room to work with.

    Feel free to make any addtions/subtractions to the list below. What I hope to acheive is a list for newbies like myself to run through to make sure that they have the basics, plus some suggestions from the seasoned riderers out there.

    1 x Tent
    1 x Sleeping Bag
    1 x Foam Matress
    1 x Pillow
    3 x Sets of clothers, (jeans, jocks, socks, T-Shirts)
    1 x Jumper
    1 x Thongs
    1 x Swimmers
    1 x Towel
    1 x Sunscreen
    1 x 1.25L bottles of water
    1 x Mobile Phone + Pay Phone Card
    1 x First Aid Kit
    1 x Tolietries Bag (Soap, Deoderant, etc + Bog Roll)
    1 x Basic Tool Kit

    Fun Stuff
    1 x IPod
    1 x Telescopic Fishing Rod + small tackle box (extra hooks, sinkers & powerbait
    1 x Digital Camera
    1 x 4 Pack AA Battries for Camera
    1 x 12v phone charger (added a 12v Cigarette Lighter to the bike)
    1 x 12v IPod Charger

    Thats about it at the moment. I am still mulling over this list.
  2. I'd add.

    - Swiss Army Knife
    - Torch
    - Insect Repellent
  3. u might save some room, by taking less of your clothes. obviously u wanna change socks n jocks. but 3 pairs of jeans? plus whatever your riding in? i'd take 2 at the most. maybe jsut 1 pair. unless your doing more stopped tourist stuff, than you are riding.
    pack some spare change/small notes, u never know when your gonna need it, especially if u lose wallet etc. im guessing 1.25L water is for emergencies? maybe some energy bars or something too, little bit of food just in case.
    if its gonne be hot/warm, buy a camelpack/hydropack, and use it. theyre awesome, fill it up with ice and water in the morn, n it should still be cold in the arvo if u have a good one! no need to stop for drinks either, just a few toilet stops :LOL:
    tyre/puncture repair kit in the tool kit too?
    can of chain lube if ur doing alot of km, and in the wet.

    enjoy the trip! :)
  4. Small hammer for tent pegs, some string/rope.

    You can also get compact towels and blowup pillows and think about a waterproof bag for your tent, mat, tent and some clothes - Kathmandu have a big sale on at the moment, and then you can use your panniers for the rest of the stuff. If you go this way, try and get some AndyStrapz (ocky straps need to be banned)
  5. My list, I tend to list everything I might need and scale back based on the ride (distance, temp, etc).


    Track Pants

    Food / Drink

    Cooker & Gass
    Water Bottles
    Multi Tool
    Cup & Bowel

    Bike Clothing

    Wet Weather Insert
    Winter Lining
    Wet Weather Pants
    Winter Gloves
    Summer Gloves
    Clear Visor
    Tinted Visor
    Half Balaclava
    Ear Plugs


    Asthma Spray
    Headache tablets
    Medical Kit


    Tool Kit
    Cable Ties
    Electrical Tape
    Chain Oil
    Tire Repair Kit
    Rubber Gloves


    Rubber Mallet
    Sleeping Bag
    Plastic Bags
    Toilet Paper
    Tooth Paste
    Mosquito Repelant

    Maps & Notes

    Notebook & Pen
    Camera & Charger
    Phone & Charger
    Helmet Audio

    Looks like this -
  6. When are you planning this for? I noticed that you have packed stuff for swimming, etc.. Presumably you'll be doing this next summer? If it's later this year then you won't be needing swimming gear.

    As for tools, I would recommend a quality puncture kit and some sort of pump. Also, get some releasable cable ties and secure them somewhere under the seat. Also consider duct tape. Cable ties and tape can fix a few broken problems.

    I have a good quality Leatherman "supertool" in its pouch and secured under the seat, along with cable ties, tape a couple of rags, spare fuses. My Ventura bag carries my puncture kit, earplugs, and other stuff that may come in handy for those overnighters.

    Have fun on your trip.
  7. Big big +1 to this. After nearly passing out from heat exhaustion and dehydration on one 800km solo ride, I never go on long tours without one over my jacket.
  8. I'd be substituting thermal tops for jumpers. less bulk..and warmer. And you can sleep in them if it's cold.
  9. Roscoe you forgot the kitchen sink!
  10. I sleep clothed when its cold here :(
    I find jumpers better than thermals, as you can wear them when your shirt is less than clean, and people are less likely to notice... from a distance :LOL: :LOL: :grin: :LOL: :grin: :LOL: :grin:
  11. Just take a credit card and have fun.
  12. Most of the troops here have given you the good oil, so I will only mention a couple of quick things: a small torch to help you out in the tent at night: consider a small fold up stool or chair: beats sitting on the ground all the time especially when you are putting on your socks and boots each day. :)
    Have a great trip!
  13. We take a small axe instead of a hammer/mallet. That way, we can attck wood for campfires and the big bugs you sometimes get out bush :wink: :LOL:

    Sunscreen (you can get burnt through your visor)

    Spare change

    Tyre repair kit (get a good one)

    Have a good look at you tool kit. Make sure you have allen keys, spanners, etc that will fit (don't forget a big one for wheel nuts)

    Chain lube

    LESS CLOTHES!!!! You're camping...you're supposed to look and smell like you're having fun!

    I.C.E. numbers in your phone

    Phone charger

    I can highly recommend installing a cigarette socket charger under your seat....easy to do and means you can charge your phone/ipod and blow up your mattress (if you have an air one) with a mini portable pump

    Wet ones (in the soft travel packs are handy for cleaning yourself if needed :LOL: and also good for cleaning the visor :wink:

    First aid kit

    Good maps (or motorcycle atlas)

    Have fun!
  14. Added to my list, thanks! :)
  15. A couple of garbage bags, to cover your rear bag if its going to rain, a couple of plastic shopping bags to keep your socks dry if it's raining - a la Charley Boorman!!
  16. I usually take spare clothes,1 cold climate-as Mt Hotham has caught me out few times,
    1 warm climate clothes,
    1 pair shoes,
    As mentioned a camelback, these can make a HUGE comfort difference I find
    small bag of tools,
    couple of nuts and bolt sizes live under seat
    and 3 metres nylon rope in case i need a tow.Got me outa the sheeet few times this one, especially trail riding.
    Tyre wise i carry can of shhhhhh.Always got me to next town.
    And me trusty swag, which should be compulsary touring 101 I reckon, if your camping. If your not, then as mentioned,al you need to be is a c.c. rider, as shops selling compulsary/neccessities are everywhere

    General rule when travelling O.S. is pack, then halve it, touring is much same Ive found personally
    Happy trails :grin:
  17. Misprint I know but funny nonetheless :LOL: :LOL: Pretty hard to travel without one I guess.....hang on a minute anyone mention toilet paper? :grin:
  19. 1 Cup 1 Bowel :)