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Recommendations for waterproof over-pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by northerner, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. I have had two pairs of Rjays waterproof over pants and also the over jacket - the jackets have been great but the pants are next to useless.

    My latest pair has been used maybe 3-4 times and already the velcro strap at the ankle has fallen off on one leg and it leaks like a sieve at the crotch! Had a look when I got back this evening (torrential in Syd) and there's small holes everywhere and the stitching is coming apart.

    So! Does anyone have any recommendations for something more robust that will actually be waterproof?


  2. Cheap yellow plastic jobs from a workwear shop. 100% waterproof, roll up small, cost very little and you'll get at least a year out of a pair.

    You'll look like a wally of course :D.
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  3. As if you need waterproofs in Perth!!:-w
  4. Aldi? I think mine cost $15, might have been $20. Nice blue colour. They fold up into the pocket which has a zip. It is a bit of an intelligence test to get them in, though.

    They have been pretty good at keeping the water out (as in, like 100%), but must admit they havent had a really heavy downpour on a long ride yet.
  5. got mine from BCF.
    some wierd name, didrickson i think
  6. Aldi ones are pretty good imo, but mine only lasts about 6 months before water starts leaking into the crotch area through the stitching. Still better then nothing though.
  7. Some Aldi pants leak, some don't, it's a gamble.

    You'll be more likely to stay dry in Tiger Angel Elements pants. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for.

    Or wear two pairs of cheapo pants - what the first layer doesn't stop, the second will.
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  9. I got a pair of Held waterproof overpants and only used them for the first time yesterday. I had been using a pair of cheapies but they leak at the inside upper left leg. The Held pants are a much thicker material, have longer zips up the outside of the legs and better velcro on the bottoms of the legs. I got them from Get Geared in the UK along with a pair of plastic overboots and they were quite cheap.
  10. I now avoid motorcycle raingear, expensive and next to useless in a downpour.....................Your better off getting a 100% waterproof raingear from an Army Surplus' or those hi viz work ones (the thick material that is advertised as 100% waterproof)...........
  11. And if you're in Melbourne they'll custom fit you. Expensive but they work very well.

    If you are leaking at the seams, put duct tape down the inside seams. That will also make a big difference.

    If your boots leak - supermarket bags over your feet inside your boots work very well. In fact, supermarket bags over your boots will help you get your feet into wet-weather pants.
  12. Thanks for the replies.

    Those Tiger Angel's look good, but bulky? I tend to wear waterproofs over jeans etc. - not sure if they'd fit. And if they did they look very hot!

    Maybe I'll just go down the duct tape, rubber glue root.

    Thanks for all the info.

  13. Don't need 'em often, but when you do you really need 'em :D.

    The hot tip in the rainy old UK was to use the stuff that pharmacies sell for attaching colostomy bags. Never tried it myself though.
  14. A tube of seam sealer (availabel at most camping shops) works as well.
  15. I've tried DriRider and Rjays over pants and they were all shyte. I've currently got a pair of MotoDry wet weather pants, had them for 6 months and so far so good.
  16. Had a pair of Rjays overpants that failed after 3 years.
    Now have a pair of DriRider Blizzard pants with the padded liner removed so I use as overpants. Still waterproof after 1 year.

  17. Can recommend the MotoDry gear. Have a set of pants that are still good after 3 years, and a one piece suit that is still good after at least 5 years. The suit is a pain to get on / off, but if it's a long wet ride, everything else stays dry. The suit is a little bulky to carry with you, but the pants fold down to almost nothing. HTH.
  18. About to buy an aerostich roadcrafter suit that i hope will end the commuting gear problem.

    Just have to wait and see
  19. dunno what size you are but check these out http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/MOVING-S...lothing_Merchandise_Media&hash=item4163152df8