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recommendations for new bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rick81, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. Hi im soon to be a Learner rider.

    Have been looking on the net at CBR250RR, ZXR250, GT250R.
    My main concern is i am 6.1" and 100kg and dont want to look like im riding a bike thats too small for me. Are there any other sports bikes i should be taking into consideration. I want a sports bike or simialar.

    My mate has a CBR250RR, he is a bit smaller than me and just gets away without looking to big for his bike.

    Im sure this question has been asked 100 times so thanks in advance for the replies.
  2. Welcome to Netrider, and yes, it has been asked 100 times before. Not to worry, that's why we're here.

    You've mentioned a few bikes, but not your budget.

    Why don't you have a look at the Honda 250 Hornet? Second-hand, and a full-sized bike. If you fall over, you haven't got expensive fairings and 'oo-ah-gosh' paint to fix, either.....
  3. Welcome mate, be sure to look around lots of good info available.

    Be sure to check out the Suzuki range gs500 , gsx650fu , sv650 learners addition. Stay away from hyosong gt250r it's a lemon. Imo these bikes would suit a larger person better than a 250cbr ect.

    Goodluck with the purchase.
  4. Isn't the 650 Hyosung the one with the most complaints, rather than the 250???
  5. i considered myself as a larger person. lol
    my budget is 6-7k
    the cbrs, zxr are good bikes though?
    ill have a look at the ones suggested. thanks for ur help.

    ive looked at the hornet but like the cbr and zxr look more. rather than the open flairing. i used to have dirt bikes a few years ago so im not too worried about dropping the bike........famous last words.

  6. CBR250RR's are good bikes, but getting old now. Most are nearing the end of their life, although I hear they are *still* getting imported. Due to manufacturers not producing them or any other 4 cylinder 250cc sports bike since the late 90's, they are inordinately expensive for their age. They are well supported by a large rider base (see them everywhere) and parts are available.
    ZXR250's are a similar story. I'd probably avoid the FZR250's and GSX250R's for parts reasons, although they are cheap.

    $4-5k will get you a good mid 90's CBR250RR. About $7.5k will get you a brand new ninja 250r. About $6.5k will get you a new GT250R.
    The CBR250's had 45hp (prior to 1994) or 40hp (1994+), the ninja 250r around 28-30hp and the gt250r has 30ish hp.

    Size? The GT250R's have a large frame (650's i think...). CBR250RR is pretty small. Dunno about the ninja.
  7. ive been reading some bad reviews on the gtr250. poor build issues, reliability, etc. they dont sound too promising. although look really nice.
    is the fzr250 bigger than the cbr?
    i assume the cbr and zxr are pretty similar bikes overall.
    are they all the same frame size. if only the cbr was a little bigger.
  8. Well, who'da thunk it, they have lambs in Victoria, bad news for the veggos :LOL:

    That's LAMS :wink:.
  9. The FZR's are basically the same size as the CBR's
  10. hey buddy... i was in the same boat as you up untill last sat.... im bout 6 foot and weight bout 90 kgs.... wanted a new bike so checked the ninja 250 and the hyo 250R.... they are both nice bikes but the hyo was bigger than the ninja and so thats what i went with... im sure u'll see that when u go look at them...... good luck!
  11. Well you seem to be pushing in the Direction of the Inline 4s, but unfortunately they are all around the same size, so you will definately look huge on them. Apart from the Hyosung, there are really no smaller fully faired bikes in at least resonable condition.

    You could get a Hyosung, but they break faster than they brake :p
  12. Yeah. You'll probably find all the 'sporty' 250's (if thats not an oxymoron) are small. Why make it a big frame when you only need a small one to hold the 250ml engine? Large frame = heavy and less slippery (through air).

    In my experience, the hyo's aint terrible, but the gearbox requires firm discerning movements.

    As others have said, if you've got LAMS, use it.
  13. But does it taste like chicken?
  14. +1 for the Hornet 250

    Good fun to ride, though I've only ridden a Vespa, VTR 250 and an 09 Ninja 250 - either than the hornet of course - I find its riding position very comfortable and has a fair amount of pickup for what it is. plus they are dead sexy. BA-DONKA-DONK!

    oh I'm 6'3" and not the smallest lad out there.
  15. +2 Hornet 250

    I have mates that ride big bores and they always want to have a go at my little bike. 250 engine.. 600 frame. Handles sweet and fairly stable. Was watching a mate that rides the balls off his Superduke totally crank my 250 around the twisties..

    But i think the downfall are the lack of spare parts (in brisbane anyway). It cost quite a bit of time to find bits for the bike. In the end I had to go for some aftermarket bits.
  16. Could also look at the Suzuki Baby Bandit - GSF250.

    Suzuki's answer to the 250 hornet.
    250 i4, but with the size of something like a 600.
  17. 1) Buy cheapo learner bike that'll be reasonably reliable and not too expensive to rrpair if you drop it by accident.

    2) Wait until restrictions have ended.

    3) Buy a proper motorcycle.
  18. Na mate he needs something fooli sik that he can look cool on.
  19. Oh well, CBR125 then.